Since 1607, Skultuna has been creating timeless designs in brass of a very high quality. Together with well-known designers, they create tomorrow’s antiques and design classics. Here you will find beautiful candlesticks, vases and other interior products from Skultuna.
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Nattlight candleholder silver - 36.5 cm - Skultuna
Nattlight candleholder silver, 36.5 cm
In stock
Tray MCMLXXXVI - Ø49 cm - Skultuna
Tray MCMLXXXVI, Ø49 cm
Only a few left
Office candle holder - brass - Skultuna
Office candle holder, brass
In stock
Nattlight candleholder silver - 45 cm - Skultuna
Nattlight candleholder silver, 45 cm
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Infinity lantern large - brass - Skultuna
Infinity lantern large, brass
Only a few left
Candle holder lunar - large - Skultuna
Candle holder lunar, large
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Streamers candle sticks B 13.6 cm - Brown marble - Skultuna
Streamers candle sticks B 13.6 cm, Brown marble
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Skultuna guardian angel Gold - medium - Skultuna
Skultuna guardian angel Gold, medium
In stock
Vase for Lily candle holder - Clear - Skultuna
Vase for Lily candle holder, Clear
In stock
Streamers candle sticks B 7.6 cm - Black marble - Skultuna
Streamers candle sticks B 7.6 cm, Black marble
Only a few left

Timeless design from Skultuna

For over 400 years, the Swedish brand Skultuna has created beautiful and classic metal objects for the home, from candle holders and tea light holders to vases and trays.

Design from Skultuna is characterised by its elegant and timeless beauty that never goes out of fashion. Many of the products have become modern design classics that are perfect for large and special occasions, but which also make everyday life more beautiful. Here you will find a large selection of timeless designs from this leading Swedish brand.

What are Skultuna’s most popular products?

In Skultuna’s large assortment of home accessories, there are a number of popular products in elegant designs, which over the years have become design classics. Here you will find some of their most popular collections such as Nattlight, Kin and Infinity.

Top three most popular products from Skultuna

  • Boule vase
  • Office candle holder
  • Ballerina bowl

Skultuna’s rich history

Skultuna was founded in 1607 by Karl IX, king of Sweden, which makes Skultuna one of the world’s oldest brands. For over 400 years, they have created tomorrow’s antiques with their beautiful designs and interior details in brass.

What is Skultuna’s design vision?

Skultuna has a clear goal with its designs; with a focus on design and quality, they want to create tomorrow’s antiques for future generations.

Skultuna – inspired by nature

Much of the inspiration behind the interior design from Skultuna comes from nature, something such as the Pomme vase is a good example of. ‘Pomme’ means ‘apple’ in French, and the shape of the vase is reminiscent of the fruit.

The elegant Lily candlestick is another example of one of Skultuna’s designs inspired by nature. It is also known as the Liljan candle holder, as ‘liljan’ is the Swedish way of saying ‘lily’ and the brass candlestick is reminiscent of the lily flower with open petals.

Where is Skultuna’s brass factory located?

Over 400 years later, Skultuna’s brass factory is still located in Skultuna in central Sweden. Today it is first and foremost the last part of the production process that is done in here, such as the polishing, assembly and final checks.

Award-winning design from Skultuna

With its rich history of design classics, Skultuna has also won a number of international design awards and regularly participates in leading international design fairs.

Which designers do Skultuna collaborate with?

Skultuna collaborate with a number of well-known designers including, Olivia Herms, Monica Förster and Lara Bohinc. They have also worked with the design duo Bernadotte & Kylberg, a partnership between the Swedish prince, Carl Philip Bernadotte, and Oscar Kylberg.

The results of Skultuna’s collaborations are timeless designs in beautiful brass.

How to best take care of brass from Skultuna

To ensure that your brass products have the longest possible life, it is important to take good care of them. Make sure to follow the care instructions and recommendations provided to keep the items in good condition. You can follow these steps to polish the brass:

For the best results, wear soft gloves such as cotton when polishing the brass. This protects the brass surface from fingerprints and other impurities.

Apply the polish with a dry and soft cloth in small sections at a time until the whole product is covered. If you apply too much, you will not get a better effect, so just use as much as you need.

Polish the surface until you are satisfied with the shine of the brass.

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