Iittala is one of Finland's oldest glassworks. Over the years, they have created timeless design that has enriched our everyday lives for several generations. Iittala has a bold design language with a focus on design quality and artistic innovation. With us, you will find a wide range of beautiful glass, porcelain, and candle holders, from acclaimed Iittala.

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Iittala glass - a Finnish design gem

Just as the name suggests, Iittala has Finnish roots. The history dates back to 1881 when the glassworks was founded in the small village of Iittala. Since then, they have delivered a range of design classics that have achieved iconic status.

Iittala's 5 most classic collections

Iittala Essence
Iittala Kastehelmi
Iittala Alvar Aalto Collection
Iittala Ultima Thule
Iittala Festivo

How can Iittala's design language be described?

Experimental, energetic, curious, and bold, that's how Iittala's design language can be described. Iittala works with artistic innovation even as the core of the craftsmanship lies in mouth-blown glass.

Iittala's design philosophy - to offer timeless beauty and function

For Iittala, it is important to offer objects with function and beauty that work for everyday occasions. After all, what's to say that glasses and vases can't be both functional and beautiful?

Many of Iittala's glass collections are suitable for all everyday occasions, for breakfast, parties, and coffee breaks.

Iittala draws inspiration from the beautiful nature

Iittala draws much inspiration from nature and the sea, the classic Aalto vase is a good example of this. The vase has a flowing design, like the waves of the sea.

Another example is the Kastehelmi collection, whose name means dewdrop and the small bubbles on the glass objects are inspired by sparkling dewdrops.

Acclaimed designers at Iittala

Iittala is associated with a number of talented and innovative designers. One of them is Kaj Frank who designed the successful Kartio and Teema series. Two other well-known designers are the spouses Aino and Alvar Aalto.

Iittala's mouth-blown glass and vases

A large part of Iittala's wine glasses and vases are mouth-blown. This contributes to a unique design and an anchoring to the classic craftsmanship of glassmaking. Blowing glass is a time-consuming process that gives the objects more life and variations in their design.

To produce the Ruutu vase, for example, it requires seven craftsmen during a day's production. With the help of its solid history, Iittala has great knowledge and skill in the art of glass.

Iittala's products - beloved collectibles

With its wide range over the years, Iittala has become appreciated among several different generations. An object that has become a sought-after collectible is Birds by Toikka, which is a fine interior detail regardless of your personal style in your home.

Combine and mix Iittala's different collections

Iittala's objects are designed for different collections to be able to be combined. Whether the iconic design is from the 70s, it still goes well with newer, more modern series. This is possible thanks to Iittala's vision of creating timeless design that never goes out of style.

So dare to mix different Iittala series in your home to achieve a more personal style, with the help of one of the largest brands in Scandinavian design!

How does Iittala work for innovation and development?

Iittala has released a range of glass collections in new and updated colors to contribute with renewal. With new skilled designers like Jasper Morrison, Iittala continues to deliver appreciated design classics in a modern interpretation. Iittala's innovative and curious approach leads to products with a bold design language!

How can Iittala's timeless design contribute to sustainability?

Iittala's timeless design distances itself from today's throwaway society. With its functionality and timeless design, it looks beyond trends and can be inherited through different generations.
In addition, Iittala focuses on designing objects in durable glass with a long lifespan, in sustainable and beautiful materials. Many of Iittala's wine glasses, beer glasses, and bowls are dishwasher safe, which also contributes to functionality. And a guarantee of quality that lasts a long time.

Glass made from 100% recycled material

In 2019, Iittala was one of the first industrial manufacturers to offer drinking glasses made entirely from recycled glass. The raw material consisted, among other things, of leftover parts from the mouth-blown Aalto vases.
The glasses made from the recycled material are just as durable as the products made from new material. Iittala constantly works diligently to develop new methods of glass production, with the ambition to be innovative and save energy and natural resources.

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