With over 180 years of experience of ceramics manufacturing, Kähler is renowned for their numerous collections of the highest quality. At Nordic Nest you will find their whole assortment, ranging from vases and candleholders, to sculptures and teapots.

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Kähler - Danish design ceramics

Kähler has manufactured ceramics for over 180 years, and today Kähler is a world-renowned brand at the forefront of Scandinavian design ceramics. This Danish brand has a long history of tradition and craftsmanship, which has made them a trusted name amongst consumers. Kähler has been producing vases, pots, plates and other design objects of quality for several generations, and will continue to do so for generations to come. 

Kähler Design vases - A pinnacle of Danish pottery

The Kähler brand is particularly known for their wide range of vases. Kähler vases from the Omaggio series are amongst the most popular, featuring modern elegance merged with Scandinavian ceramic design characteristics. The hand painted stripes of this collection have become a design hallmark of the Danish ceramics manufacturer.

Hammershøi vases are amongst the most popular

The wide range of vases featured in the popular Hammershøi series are modern renditions of Svend Hammershøi’s classic designs, taking inspiration from the unique design characteristics of the designs created by Hammershøi himself. These vases are true timeless ceramic pieces suitable in any Scandinavian home.

Which are the most famous Kähler collections?

Kähler is a brand with many years of experience, making it only natural that this Danish ceramics manufacturer has numerous popular design collections.

Top 3 Kähler collections

  • OmaggioThis highly popular collection features intriguing shapes along with hand painted stripes of monochromatic simplicity, which has brought this series to popularity.
  • HammershøiThis is one of Kähler most popular collections, embodying true character, reminiscent of Kählers legacy and tradition.
  • NobiliNobili features Christmas decoration in modern ceramic incarnations with calm and harmonious tones that can liven up a home all year around.

Are Kähler products dishwasher proof?

All Kähler Kitchen products are dishwasher safe. However, we recommend that you still handle your ceramic products with care as using a dishwasher may shorten the lifespan of your ceramics. High temperature, fast temperature fluctuations, and ceramic products knocking and bumping into each other inside the dishwasher may all result in damaged goods. This is especially true for faience products. 

Are Kähler products microwave safe?

Yes, Kähler tableware is microwave safe, but never put an empty ceramic item in the microwave oven. Ceramic items are sensitive to high temperature fluctuations, so do not pour hot water into a ceramic bowl coming straight from the microwave.

Collaborations with designers

Kähler Design has collaborated with numerous designer and artist throughout the years. These collaborations have spawned a number of popular products and collections. Some of the most famous designers Kähler Design has collaborated with are:

  • Stine Goya

Stine Goya is the designer responsible for the beautiful Fiora collection.

  • Louise Campbell

This famous designer is the mind behind the Fiducia vase and the Cammeo container series.

  • Stilleben

This danish design duo is responsible for the Omaggio series, one of Kähler Designs most popular collections.

  • Cecilie Manz

Cecilie Manz is the designer behind the Pura and Kaolin collections.

Ceramic interior decoration and home accessories

Kähler are widely known for their vases and tableware, but they are also known for a wide range of home accessories and interior decoration. The popular Character sculpture series is a good example of this, along with the candleholders in the Urbania series. With these decorative items you can easily change the atmosphere of a living room, bedroom, or any space where it is needed, giving it a touch of scandinavian design.

What is the history of Kähler design?

Kähler is a Danish design brand with a long and charming history. Kähler’s history dates back all the way to 1839 when Herman Joachim Kähler opened up a pottery shop in the Danish town of Næstved. The pottery was later taken over by his sons, and this was when the success story truly began. They started experimenting with shapes and different types of glazes, attracting numerous renowned designers to the pottery. This eventually led to international recognition and the Kähler brand grew. Kähler was family-owned for four generations.

Kähler Design today

With over 180 years of experience in traditional Scandinavian craftsmanship and design under the buckle, Kähler is today owned by the architect Frantz Longhi who has shaped Kähler to be the brand it is today. Kähler is best known for their ceramic assortment, such as vases, dinnerware and candleholders.

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