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Elvang Denmark

Elvang Denmark combines modern designs from Scandinavia with luxurious alpaca wool from Peru. In their assortment, you will find wool blankets, plaids and cushions in beautiful natural materials from the Danish brand.
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Elvang Denmark – Peruvian handicraft in Nordic style

The story of Elvang Denmark begins with a backpacking trip to Peru in 2022, where Tine and Lasse Elvang became acquainted with Peruvian culture, the country’s traditions and the alpaca. One year later, Elvang Denmark was established, and today they create beautiful blankets and cushions from the finest alpaca wool that is loved all over the world. Here you will find beautiful and soft textiles and plaids from Elvang.

Which textiles from Elvang are most popular?

We have put together a selection of Elvang Denmark’s most popular textiles for you.

Top 3 Elvang Denmark textiles

Elvang Denmark and Fair Trade

Elvang is one of the few brands in Denmark that are Fair Trade certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO), which testifies to how important responsible operation and sustainability are for them.

The foundation on which Elvang rests is ethics, integrity and respect for the environment and sustainability. Alpaca wool is a beautiful natural material with a number of fantastic properties.

Not only is the wool very soft, which makes the blankets extra comfortable and gives an extra luxurious feeling, alpaca wool is also very durable, dirt-repellent, hypoallergenic and provides extra insulation.

The alpaca is also gentle on its surroundings. They grazes in the mountains and drinks water from natural sources. In addition, they do not bring extra strain on the environment in the form of irrigation system or feed production.

How to care for your Elvang Denmark plaid

In order to preserve your Elvang alpaca throw and other wool products as well as possible, it is important to take good care of it. In general, wool requires little maintenance, and alpaca wool requires even less than ordinary wool, since it does not lint very much. It is therefore sufficient to ventilate your wool blankets and throws sometimes, especially if you feel that it needs to be refreshed.

If you have spilled on your Elvang alpaca throw, it is important to wipe it up as soon as possible. Feel free to use a soft cloth dampened in water and try to remove what was spilled without rubbing hard on the stain as this can damage the fibres. If you are unable to remove the stain yourself, Elvang recommends having the blanket cleaned by a professional.

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