Track & Trace

Track your order!

When your order has been shipped from our warehouse, you will receive a delivery confirmation with your tracking number. Please select the correct shipping carrier to track your order.

If you are unsure which shipping carrier your parcel was sent with, you can find the information in your delivery confirmation alongside your tracking number.


(FedEx tracking numbers only include numbers. UPS tracking numbers include a mix of numbers and letters. Example: FedEx: 012345678910. UPS: 1A2B3C456789101112)

Your parcel is sent out directly from our warehouse in Sweden with DHL. Once the parcel has reached the country of destination, the delivery is handed over to the local delivery organization.

When your delivery is on its way to the destination country it might be difficult to track your order. The tracking information will be updated as soon as the parcel is scanned in the destination country. For deliveries outside of Europe this might take up to 7 working days.

The parcels are sent from Scandinavia, meaning that the total delivery time will differ from destination to destination. 

Here you will find more information about the delivery time to different countries >>

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