Fiskars offers innovative and user-friendly design solutions to make life just that little bit easier. They are known around the world for their quality and functional designs. Here you will find quality scissors, knives, cookware and kitchen utensils.
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Fiskars - Innovation & quality

Fiskars is a brand known around the world for making high-quality tools for use in the home. Their products are characterised by their sophisticated designs that make them easy to use, along with a high production standard and material quality. 

Fiskars cookware and kitchen utensils

Theirs high-quality cookware and kitchen accessories make cooking a breeze, and whether you are and amateur chef with a love for home cooking, or just a regular home cook, you are sure to enjoy using the kitchen equipment that Fiskars produces. The innovative design ideas in combination with their high quality is what makes products by Fiskars so popular, and such a good investment.

Which are Fiskars most popular products?

Fiskars extensive assortment of tools for kitchen and home include many popular products, such as their classic orange scissors. Here you will find everything from pots and pans to cutlery, knives and kitchen utensils

Top 3 products by Fiskars

  1. Fiskars classic scissors 18 cm
  2. Functional Form cutlery 24 pieces
  3. Norden cast iron frying pan

The iconic Fiskars scissors

The most iconic Fiskars design is without question the pair of Fiskars scissors with orange handles. The design was first launched in 1967 and has since then been sold over one billion times. So why did the handle end up being orange? The original prototype was produced with an orange colour that was left over from other productions. After the production of a number of different colours, the orange colour was voted as the most popular and was taken into production. A good choice! The orange pair of scissors has become a true Fiskars design classic.

Fiskars design philosophy

With the philosophy that “even the simplest things can be done better and smarter”, Fiskars produces functional, ergonomic and user-friendly tools for the home and garden. The Fiskars philosophy builds on hundreds of years of pride, passion and design, and Fiskars works continuously on developing and innovating tools to more efficiently solve everyday problems. 

The History of Fiskars

The Finnish brand Fiskars was originally founded in 1649 in the small town of Fiskars in Finland. What started as a small iron workshop became a world-renowned company and one of the leading producers of scissors, kitchen and gardening tools. With a long history and a great deal of experience in working with steel, Fiskars knows exactly what is needed to create sustainable and durable tools.

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