Spiegelau is a German brand that has been working with glass manufacturing since 1521. Even today, it is one of the world’s most prominent and reputable names in its niche. Wish us, you will find the best selection of Spiegelau’s glassware for every occasion.
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Spiegelau – over 500 years of beautiful glassware

With over 500 years of experience in the design and production of glasses, the German brand Spiegelau has an impressive knowledge of glass design. In their wide assortment, you will find many stylish and high-quality glasses that are suitable for every home.

Spiegelau – glasses for all occasions

Spiegelau presents a large range of quality glassware in stylish designs, perfect for both large and small occasions. Besides from their popular wine glasses and beer glasses, here you will also find water glasses, gin glasses, cider glasses and cocktail glasses as well as water jugs and wine carafes.

Spiegelau’s design philosophy

Spiegelau develops its glasses in such a way that the taste and aroma of the drink are optimally accentuated, which enormously enhances the drinking experience. It is therefore particularly important to choose the right glass for the right type of drink.

Wine glasses from Spiegelau

Spiegelau is known, above all, for the production of their high-quality wine glasses, which influences both the drinking experience and the stylish atmosphere on the set dinner table.

Red wine glasses

Spiegelau’s red wine glasses have been specifically developed to bring out the aromas of the red wine in the best possible way. Red wine glasses often have a slightly larger opening so that the red wine can be sufficiently aerated, which also makes it easier to swirl the wine in the glass.

White wine glasses

Because white wine is served at a lower temperature than red wine, white wine glasses tend to be slightly smaller than red wine glasses, so the wine doesn’t heat up as quickly. Champagne glasses are also part of the Spiegelau range and have an elegant, narrow shape, which ensures that the champagne stays fresh and sparkling for a long time.

Spiegelau beer glasses

The Spiegelau range includes all types of beer glasses. Each beer glass is designed for a specific type of beer, so that the aroma, taste and other properties that characterise the beer are emphasised.

For example, IPA glasses should emphasise the special scent of IPA and at the same time preserve the foam crown for as long as possible. In order to design the optimal IPA glass, Spiegelau’s IPA glasses were developed in cooperation with two of the leading IPA breweries in the USA.

If you prefer wheat beer or lager, you will also find suitable beer glasses for these beers at Spiegelau.

Spiegelau glasses – a thoughtful gift idea

Quality glasses can make an excellent gift for dear friends and relatives. Classic drinking glasses for example, are a perfect gift for someone who is moving out of their home for the first time. Wine glasses are particularly popular as , but they could also make a good housewarming gift. As a present for the beer-lover, Spiegelau offer craft beer tasting sets which will surely be well-received.

Are Spiegelau glasses dishwasher safe?

Yes, Spiegelau glasses are dishwasher safe. However, before cleaning your Spiegelau glasses, always follow the manufacturer’s precise care instructions. In this way you can ensure that your glasses receive the best possible care and will last for a long time.

Also make sure that your glasses are stable and do not bump against each other in the dishwasher.

Which are the most popular Spiegelau collections?

Where are Spiegelau glasses produced?

Spiegelau glasses are made in Germany.

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