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Since 1982, Shepherd of Sweden has captured the natural spirit of Sweden using traditional sheepskin material with a modern Scandinavian design. In their large assortment of products, you will be able to find cushions, rugs, throws and more – all in luxury quality!
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Shepherd of Sweden - Sheepskin and wool products with Scandinavian designs

Shepherd of Sweden is characterised by their high-quality wool and sheepskin products in Scandinavian designs. They are recognised globally for their genuine materials, traditional craftmanship and minimal aesthetic.

Here you will find a large assortment of their timeless designs which will help you to create a home that you love for years to come.

The story behind Shepherd of Sweden

Shepherd of Sweden was founded in 1982 in the town of Svenljunga in Sweden, with the vision of designing high-quality sheepskin and wool products in timeless designs.

Today, Shepherd of Sweden has become a leading brand for their sheepskin items and is recognised around the world for their top-quality products and stylish designs.

Which Shepherd of Sweden products are the most popular?

In their large assortment of sheepskin and wool products, you will be able to find cushions, rugs, throws, poufs and more, all in top quality.

Handmade with care

Shepherd of Sweden has a passion for good craftmanship. They place an emphasis on every small detail which results in beautiful products with a timeless design. All sheepskin products go through several treatment processes to ensure the best quality and finish.

Shepherd of Sweden products are all made by experienced craftsmen, mostly by hand, to ensure the perfect result.

The unique properties of sheepskin and wool

Besides the soft and comfortable feeling, sheepskin and wool also have other unique properties which make them an excellent choice of material.

For example, sheepskin is self-regulating in terms of temperature, which makes it the perfect material to use in both summer and winter.

It also has natural antibacterial properties, which means that it will stay fresh after repeated use and does not have to be washed very often compared to most other materials.

How to care for your Shepherd of Sweden products

In order best extend the lifetime of your sheepskin and wool products, it is important that you take good care of them. Always be sure to read the specific instructions for your item to make sure you are caring for it in the correct way.


As sheepskin is naturally a dirt repellent material, it does not need to be washed regularly. To keep it in good condition, shaking and airing it outside in a humid environment should be sufficient.

When you do need to wash your sheepskin products, they can be cleaned with warm water together with a gentle detergent or specialised cleaning solution for sheepskin.


To clean your wool products, it is best to wash them by hand in warm water using a soft cloth. Alkaline detergents like soap flakes or resin-based detergents should not be used as this can damage the wool.

Shepherd of Sweden Quality Control

Shepherd of Sweden has been consistent in producing products in top quality since their establishment in 1982.

They take responsibility for every step of the process, from selecting and preparing the sheepskins to sewing them in the workshop and creating the final finished product.

The leather which is used to create their products is a by-product from the meat industry and is specifically selected according to its quality. The wool which is chosen is also based on key criteria such as its density and structure.

Shepherd of Sweden Animal welfare

For Shepherd of Sweden, animal welfare is equally important as quality and therefore they place high demands on all of their suppliers to make sure that the welfare of the animals is a priority.

They require their partners to follow a specific code of animal treatment which includes criteria such as good access to food and water for the animals, a natural environment for all animals and that animals should not be transported by boat.

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