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Continenta aims to offer well-designed products for the kitchen that are both beautiful and functional. At Nordic Nest you will find durable and high-quality cutting boards and knife blocks in wood that has been carefully selected.
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Continenta - Cutting boards and knife blocks of the highest quality 

Continenta is a company that was founded in Germany in 1977. They design stylish, functional and durable kitchenware and quality products that are sold all over the world. Here you will find, among other things, kitchen utensils such as practical cutting boards and knife blocks, which are not only functional aids in the kitchen, but also decorative elements with their beautiful design. Explore Continenta's wide range here at Nordic Nest. 

Which products from Continenta are most popular?  

In addition to the popular cutting boards from Continenta, you will also find knife blocks for safe and stylish storage of kitchen knives. We have put together a selection of the most popular products from Continenta for you. 

Top 3 most popular products from Continenta  

  • Rubberwood cutting board  
  • Walnut cutting board  
  • Acacia wood knife block  

What material are Continenta cutting boards made of?  

The beautiful and functional cutting boards from Continenta are available in the following materials: 

  • Oak  
  • Walnut  
  • Rubberwood
  • Acacia
  • Bamboo 

What are the benefits of wooden cutting boards?  

The benefit of wooden cutting boards, besides being very beautiful, is that it lasts a long time and is a more hygienic choice than a plastic cutting board. Red meat, vegetables, and bread are especially good to cut on a wooden chopping board. Here at Nordic Nest, you can find beautiful and functional wooden cutting boards from Continenta. 

Can Continenta cutting boards withstand the dishwasher?

Since cutting boards from Continenta are made of wood, they should be washed by hand. In addition, it is also good to regularly treat the cutting boards with a food oil to ensure they have the longest possible lifespan. Explore Continenta's range of kitchenware here at Nordic Nest. 

Where are Continenta's cutting boards and knife blocks made?  

All products from Continenta are produced in the countries where the corresponding types of wood grow. These are primarily Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. Here at Nordic Nest, you can find quality products from Continenta. 

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