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The original String shelf was designed in 1949 by Nils Strinning, yet the simple and functional design feels as contemporary as ever. Here at Nordic nest you will find a variety of wall mounted shelves and other products from the String Furniture assortment. 

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String Furniture - Simply perfect

Sometimes perfection is simplicity, and Nisse Strinning’s String shelf system is a prime example. After over 70 years, the String shelf has aged gracefully and to this day is still considered a pinnacle of Scandinavian design. Today String Furniture offers a range of shelving systems and storage solutions of simplistic elegance and high functionality for all rooms of your home.

The iconic String shelf

The iconic design of the String shelving system is both elegant and functional with its modular construction. A String shelf can easily be mounted and expanded in any direction. It is this simplicity along with its timeless appearance that has made this shelving system a Scandinavian design classic that has remained popular throughout the years. 

The award-winning design of the String shelf

The String shelf was originally designed for a bookshelf design competition held by Bonnier in 1949. Nils Strinning's String shelf was awarded first place amongst 194 submitted designs, and was thus taken into production.

How did the original String shelf come about?

The concept was simple; two brackets, three shelves. The inspiration for the coated wire brackets came from a dish rack design that Nisse Strinning had worked on years before and paved the way for what was to become one of Scandinavia’s most iconic designs.

More awards for the brilliant design

The String shelf with its elegant and functional design has continued to rack up prizes throughout the years. In the year 1954 the design was awarded the gold medal at the Triennale in Milan. And in 2016 the design won yet another prize as it was awarded the German Design Award.

More than a bookshelf

Since its design, the String shelf has become more than just a bookshelf. The String shelf is a brilliant, lifelong investment that is loved by consumers, not only in Scandinavia, but globally. String Furniture’s assortment of products is continuously developed and perfected to suit the modern home and way of living. 

How does string furniture approach sustainability?

String is continuously working strategically in order to reduce their environmental impact and taking greater social responsibility. The majority of the products in their assortment are produced in Sweden. String also firmly believes in the sustainability of a timeless design. 

String measures sustainability based on:

  • Environmental Impact
  • Social well-being
  • Quality

'Möbelfakta' certified assortment of products

String is actively working towards offering an assortment fully certified by Möbelfakta. This certification is based on three main criteria: social responsibility, environment and product quality. Today String offers an assortment where most products have a Möbelfakta certification.

How much weight can a String shelf hold?

Weight limit:

  • String Pocket shelf: 25 kg spread evenly across its surface

String Pocket series

At Nordic Nest you will find a broad assortment of the String Pocket – a complementary smaller String shelf that Nisse Strinning designed in his later years. The classic String design works in any room including the bathroom, the office, a kid's room and of course the living room. Its smaller design makes it ideal for rooms with less wallspace. 

What colours is the String Pocket shelf available in?

The String Pocket is available in a variety of different colours with some of the most popular being:

  • Ash
  • Wallnut
  • Mustard
  • Oak

Where is it suitable to hang a String shelf?

The simplistic beauty of the String shelf along with its highly modular and functional design makes it an ideal addition to any home. Wherever you need storage space, a String storage solution can be used to give a room both style and function. The variety of colours available makes it easy to match with the colours of the room you want your shelf in. The elegant design of the string shelf works well in the bedroom, kitchen and living room, while the modular design makes it ideal for a stylish office with need for lots of storage space.

A no-compromise shelf

Style, function, sustainability and price, all in one. String has a number of criterias that all their products have to pass before they go to production. With the criteria that String Furniture follows, you as a customer can rest assured that the products you buy are environmentally sound choices of the highest quality. You will not have to compromise between sustainability, functionality, elegance or cost.

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