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With an Arne Jacobsen clock, you get both a stylish and functional design object with a minimalist, Scandinavian expression and a real retro feel. With us at Nordic Nest, you will find table clocks and wall clocks in different colours and sizes from Arne Jacobsen Clocks.
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Timeless clocks by Arne Jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen’s timeless clock designs are back in production today thanks to the Danish Design Group, Rosendahl. The classic and stylish clocks are all manufactured in accordance with Arne Jacobsen’s original drawings from the late 1930’s to early 1970’s.

Arne Jacobsen – the designer behind the clocks

Arne Jacobsen is one of Denmark’s most significant architects and designers, known worldwide for both residential and public buildings such as the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen and the National Bank of Denmark. During his unique career, he also designed several iconic furniture pieces and interior items which have achieved the status of design classics.

Which clocks by Arne Jacobsen are the most popular?

In addition to their well-known alarm clocks, the Arne Jacobsen’s range also includes stylish wall clocks for hanging in the home. We have put together a selection of Arne Jacobsen’s most popular clocks for you.

Top 3 Arne Jacobsen clocks

  • Arne Jacobsen City Hall Clock
  • Arne Jacobsen Roman Clock
  • Arne Jacobsen Bankers Alarm Clock

The Story behind Arne Jacobsen Clocks

In the mid- 1930's, Arne Jacobsen designed a villa for H.J. Hansen, CEO of the well-known electronics company Lauritz Knudsen. Hansen also asked Arne Jacobsen to design a clock with a universal design. The alarm clock was named the LK clock and was presented at the Charlottenborg spring exhibition in Copenhagen in 1939. When the LK clock became too expensive to produce, the designer instead created the Arne Jacobsen Station table clock, which today is one of the designer’s best-selling products.

Why should you choose an Arne Jacobsen watch?

Arne Jacobsen Clocks have a minimalist design and a timeless retro feel. They are also very robust thanks to their high-quality craftmanship. Regardless of which Arne Jacobsen clock you choose, if fits perfectly in all kinds of environments where you want to add a stylish and functional detail.

How to set an Arne Jacobsen alarm clock

  • First remove the back cover of your Arne Jacobsen table clock by moving it slightly to the left.
  • You will then see two buttons. With the left button you can set the time. With the right button you can set the alarm.
  • If you want to snooze, place your hand 1 cm above your Arne Jacobsen alarm clock. The alarm will go off again after 5 minutes and you can repeat the snooze function up to 5 times.

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