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Lyngby Glas has been creating timeless glass pieces for more than 80 years and is one of Denmark's leading glass works. Lyngby Glas produces a wide range of simple and elegant drinking glasses for memorable moments in your home. You are guaranteed to find glasses for all of life's events at Lyngby Glas!
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Lyngby Glass – Simple, Timeless, and Exclusive

Lyngby Glass produces glassware where each piece is created with skilled craftsmanship and care, which exudes timeless beauty and simple elegance. Whether you're looking for a beautiful Lyngby wine glass for a special dinner or a practical Lyngby glass tumbler for everyday use, you can trust that Lyngby Glass delivers the highest quality.

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When was Lyngby Glass Founded?

With roots dating back to the 1940s, Lyngby Glass is a brand that embraces the Scandinavian design tradition. The glasses are unique and created to be part of your most memorable moments. With their durable and timeless design, Lyngby Glass will be a cherished friend in your home for many years to come.

What are the Popular Series from Lyngby Glass?

  • Melodia
  • Palermo

Glass Disease – What is it and How Do I Avoid It?

Glass disease, also known as glass sickness, occurs when a white coating appears on your glassware. The foggy appearance makes the glass look worn and dirty. One reason this happens is a combination of dishwashing detergent, which generally wears out the glass, and too high temperatures.

How Do I Prevent Glass Disease on My Glasses?

  • Ensure you have the correct dosage of dishwashing detergent and rinse aid.
  • Don't forget dishwasher salt!
  • Glasses should be washed at a maximum of 55 degrees Celsius.
  • Use a short program and open the door as soon as the program is finished to let the steam escape. Steam is not good for glass.
  • Dry the glasses with a kitchen towel to remove the last of the water.

How Do I Treat Glass Disease?

The most effective way to remove glass disease, or lime scale, is to use citric acid. If the glasses are very affected, this may not help.
1. Place the glasses in the dishwasher.
2. Put a few tablespoons of citric acid where the detergent tablet is placed.
3. Start the dishwasher as usual.

How Do I Store My Glasses from Lyngby Glass?

Lyngby shot glasses, Lyngby gin and tonic glasses, Lyngby beer glasses, and all other types of glass should always be stored with the bottom facing down.

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