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Founded in 2022 Ekbacken Studios creates furniture pieces with careful consideration for our planet. At Nordic Nest you will find 3D printed furniture made from recycled material, where design and sustainablity meets.
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What recycled materials does Ekbacken Studios use?

Furniture from Ekbacken Studios is made from recycled materials, primarily recycled fishing nets from Portugal, which are then 3D-printed into furniture with a focus on design and form.

How does the process behind Ekbacken's furniture work?

Fishing nets that no longer serve a purpose come directly from fishermen in a port city in Portugal. The fishing nets are washed and cleaned of debris, sorted by color, and then ground down. The small pieces are combined with stone minerals, which make the material stronger, and this becomes the raw material that eventually becomes a finished piece of furniture.

Where is Ekbacken Studios' furniture manufactured?

In Portugal, the fishing nets are ground down and combined with a mineral from stone to create a stronger material. This raw material is then sent to Sweden, where the production process continues through 3D printing.

What furniture does Ekbacken Studios offer?

The design brand Ekbacken Studios manufactures furniture such as side tables, coffee tables, and armchairs made from recycled materials, resulting in furniture that focuses on both design and sustainability.

What is Ekbacken Studios' philosophy?

Ekbacken Studios aims to redefine luxury and how we consume, believing that beautiful design can be created while also caring for our planet. The result is stylish furniture that contributes to climate impact and is designed with a clear sense of design.

Who founded Ekbacken Studios?

Friends Robin Teigland and Kristina Tjäder went on dog walks and talked about the fishing port where Robin liked to surf, which later developed into a design brand. Ekbacken Studios was founded in 2022, and the team behind the furniture brand consists of a fashion designer, a university professor, and three engineers, all with a passion for design and sustainability.

How are Ekbacken Studios' furniture pieces 3D-printed?

The furniture design is a digital file that is input into software where the computer instructs exactly how the robot arm should move within the machine. A G-code is printed that specifies coordinates and how much material should be extruded. This sketch then goes from the computer to a 3D printer that reads the G-code. The raw material then forms the product layer by layer, like icing from a piping bag.

Are Ekbacken Studios' furniture pieces unique?

Behind each product is a code that a 3D printer reads. This code needs to be adjusted a bit continuously. The furniture is also made from recycled materials, which means that the products can look slightly different. All of this together means that each piece of furniture is truly unique.

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