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Nordic Nest

Nordic Nest designs are based on the Nordic heritage and long traditions in craftsmanship. Nordic Nest creates modern designs for homes with life.
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Klappersten plate 28 cm 4-pack - black and white - Nordic Nest
Nordic Nest
Klappersten plate 28 cm 4-pack, black and white
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About Nordic Nest

Taking inspiration from the Nordic heritage and long history of Scandinavian craftsmanship, Nordic Nest produces modern design for homes with life. Nordic Nest looks for inspiration all around – in the past, present and future, but keeps its feet firmly rooted in Nordic design.

The designs are clean and simple, often taking inspiration for the Nordic nature. The brand believes that the Nordic climate, with its cold and dark winters, creates a stronger longing for a warm and comforting home. As a result of this, a deep appreciation of the home as a nest and safe-haven has emerged.

Nordic Nest aims to preserve the Nordic craftsmanship and manufactures products where possible in Scandinavia. The products are made using sustainable material, with the aid of skilled craftsmen that ensure the best possible quality at all steps of production so that you can enjoy your Nordic Nest designs for a long time.

With a quickly growing assortment of rugs, blankets and other textiles, Nordic Nest has managed to reinterpret some of the most classic patterns found in Scandinavian design.

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