Architectmade creates elegant design objects, made by hand by talented craftsman. Here you will find beautifully crafted sculptures and decoration, designed by renowned Danish Architects.
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The Mission of Architectmade

Architectmade have a passion for timeless, durable design that stands the test of time. Their goal is to create products can be handed down through generations. By looking through the archives, old sketches and museums, Architectmade have managed to find unique design objects that were created many years ago but have since been forgotten. With Architectmade, these products have been given a new lease of life and can now boast the title ‘design classics’ again. 

Which are the most popular products by Architectmade?

In Architectmade’s assortment of sculptures and decoration, you will find lots of beautiful design objects created by renowned danish architects. Here you will find beautiful designs created by architects such as Jørn Utzon, Kristian Vedel and Kristian Vedel.

Top 3 products by Architectmade

  1. Bird: Designed in 1959 by Kristian Vedel
  2. Owl: Designed in 1960 by Paul Anker Hansen
  3. Discus: Designed in 1961 by Hans Bølling

Architectmade - Crafted by hand

To ensure that products are of the highest quality, all design objects are made by hand from durable and carefully selected materials. Architectmade relies exclusively on craftsmen who share their vision and meet their demands for detailed work and reliability. Architectmade regularly performs strict quality controls in order to ensure that they keep a high standard and quality. None of the products go on sale before being reviewed by an experienced employee.

Designed by architects

In collaboration with some of Denmark's most prominent architects and designers, Architectmade produces exclusively selected design objects from the golden age of Danish design. Here you will find beautiful designs created by famous Danish architects, such as Poul Kjærholm and Paul Anker Hansen.

Architectmade designs objects are great gifts

If you are considering what to give a newlywed pair, an old friend for their birthday or for a student’s graduation, look no further! Architectmade decorative object feature beautiful designs that will stay interesting and stand the test of time. Give away a unique truly unique design object, crafted with care.

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