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Storage boxes are a smart way to keep your home and kitchen organised in style. Here at Nordic Nest, you will be able to choose a range of large and small storage jars in materials such as glass, ceramic, stoneware and plastic. Browse our hand-picked collection from some of Scandinavia’s favourite brands.
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Designer storage jars for the kitchen

The kitchen is a room that requires a good deal of storage solutions for both food and equipment so it important that the storage options you choose appeal to your taste. Here with us, you will find stylish storage jars in beautiful designs which are not only practical but will also serve as an attractive detail on the kitchen shelves or cupboards.

Kitchen storage jars from your favourite collections

If your crockery has a design which you are particularly fond of, why not match it with your storage jars to create a harmonious look? For example, the Nordic Sea and Nordic Sand collections by Broste Copenhagen, also include kitchen storage jars so you can create a common thread throughout your kitchen. For elegant glass jars with lids, the Finnish design brand Iittala include storage jars in their iconic Kastehelmi collection.

What size storage jars to choose

When deciding on the size of storage jars for your kitchen, you should think about what you will be storing in them as well as the dimensions of your kitchen cupboards and shelves. You should make sure that the amount you will be decanting will nicely fill the storage jars without having anything left in the food packets. Small jars work well as spice storage jars or tea and coffee storage jars, whereas larger food storage jars are suitable for foods such as dried pasta, lentils or beans. To maximise the space in your kitchen cupboards, tall or stackable storage jars will allow you to use the full area of the shelf and avoid wasted space.

Storage food jars in practical designs

For storing dried foods, a plastic or glass storage jar is a practical option as it will allow you to see how much is left so you know when you need to refill. Brands such as Brabantia and Rosendahl have a range of practical food storage jars in designs you will be sure to love.

Tip: If you are going to be using a cup to scoop out foods such as flour, rice or sugar, you should look for storage jars with wide openings so you can comfortably fit your hand inside.

Luxury kitchen storage jars in decorative designs

In addition to practical and functional storage jars for the kitchen, we have a number of decorative storage boxes that are perfect for other small items. Among the most popular brands for decorative storage boxes are Lene Bjerre, Jonathan Adler and Alessi.

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