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Saucier & sauté pans

For delicious stir fries, risottos and sautéd vegetables, browse our collection of designer sauté pans and sauciers from some of Scandinavia’s favourite brands. Our assortment includes both small and large sauté pans and sauciers in different materials so you can find one that perfectly suits your needs.
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Sauciers and sauté pan for many uses

Sauciers and sauté pans are characterised by their high edges which makes it both easy to fry and cook vegetables meat and fish. Here you will find our large assortment of saucier and sauté pans to add to your cookware collection.

Which brands are most popular for saucier pans and sauté pans?

With us at Nordic Nest, you will be able to choose from some of the best sauté pans and saucier pans by Scandinavian and global brands.

Top 3 most popular brands for saucier and sauté pans

What is a sauté pan?

A sauté pan generally has straight side and a large surface area, which makes it suitable for tasks such as searing meat or reducing sauces. The high walls also make it easy to add more liquid and ingredients and therefore they are perfect if you are going to cook food that requires both cooking and frying. Since a sauté pan has more room that a regular frying pan, it is perfect if you will be cooking larger quantities of food.

Practical sauté pans with lids

Generally, sauté pans come with lids to lock in moisture and heat so that foods with longer cooking times won’t dry out. A lid also stops hot splashes of liquid from jumping out and making a mess or burning you. For practical sauté pans with lids, we recommend designer brands such as Tefal and Zwilling.

What is a saucier?

Typically, a saucier has a wide-mouth design with sides that slope to a rounded bottom. The wider opening allows for faster evaporation which means that liquids can reduce more quickly. This makes it ideal for reducing sauces or cooking foods such as oatmeal or risotto. The rounded bottom allows you to whisk or stir without getting food stuck or burnt on the sides of the pot base. The design of the saucier also makes it easy to clean.

Sauté pans and saucier pans that are compatible with your stove top

When choosing the best sauté pan or saucier for you, you should consider the type of stove top in your kitchen as certain materials work better with different hobs.

Induction hobs are becoming more popular as they are energy efficient and fast heating, however they are not compatible with all cookware materials. Stainless steel sauté pans are popular induction sauté pans, whereas enamel and copper sauté pans should be avoided for this type of hob.

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