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Mashers & ricers

Here you will find good quality mashers, ricers and garlic presses that are simple to use and easy to clean for a more enjoyable experience in the kitchen. Our assortment includes a wide selection from the most popular brands and designers.
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Profile potato masher non-stick - stainless steel - Brabantia
Profile potato masher non-stick, stainless steel
In stock
Functional Form garlic press 24 cm - Black - Fiskars
Functional Form garlic press 24 cm, Black
In stock
Voni garlic press - Stainless steel - Dorre
Voni garlic press, Stainless steel
Only a few left
Profile potato masher - stainless steel - Brabantia
Profile potato masher, stainless steel
On backorder
Profi Plus potato masher 28.5 cm - Stainless steel - WMF
Profi Plus potato masher 28.5 cm, Stainless steel
On backorder
Gourmet potato press - Stainless steel - WMF
Gourmet potato press, Stainless steel
Stocked according to demand
Eva Solo garlic press - glass-stainless steel - Eva Solo
Eva Solo
Eva Solo garlic press, glass-stainless steel
Stocked according to demand
Zwilling Pro garlic press - 20 cm - Zwilling
Zwilling Pro garlic press, 20 cm
Stocked according to demand
Profile garlic press - stainless steel - Brabantia
Profile garlic press, stainless steel
On backorder
Green Tool garlic press - Green - Eva Solo
Eva Solo
Green Tool garlic press, Green
On backorder
Profi Plus garlic press - Stainless steel - WMF
Profi Plus garlic press, Stainless steel
On backorder
Garli garlic press - Stainless steel - Dorre
Garli garlic press, Stainless steel
On backorder

Mashers, ricers and garlic presses – handy utensils for cooking with ease

A practical and stylish masher, ricer or garlic press can be an excellent helper in the kitchen, making your cooking experience simpler and more enjoyable. Here you will find mashers, ricers and garlic presses from a range of popular brands including WMF and Fiskars.

Masher and ricers for creamy mash potatoes

There are few things better than homemade mash potatoes on the dinner table and good quality mashers and potato ricers are the perfect tools for creating a delicious creamy consistency.

What is a potato masher?

A mash potato masher is a kitchen utensil with a long handle connected to a mashing base with a zig zag shape or with slits to aid with the mashing. The result after mashing will be chunky and textured potatoes that are creamy and light. A potato masher is also an ideal option for if you want to keep the skin on the potatoes as this is not possible with a ricer. While mashers are most typically used for potatoes, they can also be used for mashing other ingredients such as beans and peas.

What is a ricer?

When using a mash ricer, the potatoes are placed into a container, also called a hopper, and then pressed down with a plunger to force the potatoes out through perforated holes. This process allows for air to be incorporated into the mashed potatoes which makes them extremely light and fluffy. The rice masher also eliminates any lumps for a really smooth consistency.

Potato mashers and ricers in stylish designs

Our range of mashers and ricers come in a range of smart and attractive designs that will be stylish additions to your kitchen.

Choose from a selection of designs in high quality materials from metal to plastic to match the rest of your kitchen utensils.

Garlic presses for easy mincing

A garlic press is a small kitchen utensil that is used for crushing fresh garlic cloves. Not only do they make the task of mincing faster and simpler, but using a garlic press also means that you can keep your hands clean and free from smelling of garlic.

In our assortment, you will find a range of a good quality garlic presses, from popular brands such as Eva Solo, Brabantia and Zwilling.

How to use a garlic press

Using a garlic press is a simple task. First, open the handles to reveal the small container and place the fresh cloves directly inside. Then simply squeeze down and the minced garlic will be pressed out.

It is not necessary to remove the skin first as the garlic press will push the garlic through while leaving the skin behind in the container.

Most garlic presses are dish washer safe but make sure to check the specific care instructions provided by the manufacturer before cleaning it.

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