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Whether you are looking for a rustic set of stoneware cups, a travel mug to have on the go or some classic porcelain cups to complete your tableware set, you will find the best quality mugs from many different designers and brands in our curated collection, here at Nordic Nest!

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Cups & mugs - The proper way to enjoy a hot drink

The cup plays an important role in many people's lives. Our days start with a warm cup of tea or coffee, and for some it ends in that same way. If you are looking for a new cups or mugs, you are bound to find the right set for you in our curated collection of quality cups and mugs from the best designers and brands. Here you will find cups of Scandinavian design, contemporary style mugs and of course classic porcelain cups as well.  

What material is best for cups & mugs?

If you want to enjoy your hot drinks in the best way, it is important to consider the type of cups or mugs you are getting. How well the mugs retain heat, along with their elegance and style, are both deciding factors for making the right decision. 

Ceramic cups & mugs

Ceramic cups and mugs, whether they are made from classic porcelain, stoneware, or any other type of ceramic, are good at retaining heat. This makes them ideal for hot drink like coffee and tea, and the vast number of designs to choose from cannot be considered a downside. 

Choose a rustic set of mugs, like Broste Copenhagen’s Nordic Sea if you want a tea set with a calming tone. Or go with something more contemporary, like the cups from the Nordic Kitchen collection by Eva Solo. Or why not a classic porcelain set like Ostindia by Rörstrand, and rest assured that they will never go out of fashion.

Cups & mugs made of glass

Glass cups and mugs are a stylish alternative that elegantly puts your coffee, tea or whatever you are drinking on display. The downside is that if your glass cups or mugs are not insulated, they lose heat quickly and can also become hot to the touch. 

The cups from Bodum’s Bistro collection area great example of insulated mugs. These mouth-blown cups feature double glass walls give the cups greater heat retaining capabilities, while retaining the style and elegance of a normal glass mug!

Insulated steel mugs

Insulated steel mugs, thermal flasks or travel mugs as they are usually called, are made for taking hot drinks on the go. The insulation makes them great for holding heat for extended periods of time and are far superior to other cups & mugs in that regard. 

The Urban cups from the To Go series by Eva Solo are our most popular travel mugs. They feature vacuum sealed, dual-wall design which make them great for keeping your hot drink hot for long periods of time. And with their sleek design the Urban To Go cups are a must have for the style conscious commuter!

Enamel mugs

Enamel mugs are great if you need a more durable alternative! These mugs are highly resistant to all types of damage, and if you drop one you can be sure that it will not shatter into pieces. The durability of enamel mugs makes them perfect for camping or for having at the summer home, and they are great for kids, as they will never manage to break them! 

Enamel mugs also have a visual appeal that fit nicely in both rustic and retro kitchens.

What is the perfect size for mugs & cups?

Variations in cup and mug sizes can be purely for aesthetic reasons and depend a lot on the style of the collection or set the cup or mug belongs to. But it can also be due to the purpose of the cup, as different types of cups are made in different ways. Finding mugs of the right size comes down to a matter of personal preference, but what the cup will be used for should always be taken into consideration. Keep reading in order to learn more about different types of cups and their purposes.

Types of cups and mugs:

Tea cups

Traditionally, teacups are wider at the top and taper down to the bottom. This allows boiling tea water to cool down to drinking temperatures quicker. 

Coffee cups

Coffee cups are usually both narrower and straighter than tea cups. This design ensures that the coffee stays warm for as long as possible.

Espresso cups

Espresso cugs are small in size. Since espresso is a very concentrated brew, it should be enjoyed in smaller servings than regular coffee.

Cafe latte mugs

Cafe latte mugs are usually tall and handleless. A latte is not at all as concentrated as espresso and can thus be enjoyed in larger servings.

Cappuccino cups

Compared to latte mugs, cappuccino cups are short and have quite a wide rim. This makes it easier to pour in steamed milk and create so called latte art.

How to remove tea stains from cups & mugs:

  1. Put cold water into your cup and then pour it in order to make the inner walls of your cup wet.
  2. while the cup is still wet, put about half a deciliter of baking soda in your cup.
  3. Spread the baking soda on the walls of the cup by rotating the cup while holding it sideways.
  4. When the inner wall of the cup covered, let it sit for around 30 minutes.
  5. Scrub the baking soda around the the inside of the cup with a sponge or cloth before wiping it out. 
  6. Rinse the cup and the tea stains should be gone!

Moomin mugs

For some, mugs and cups are for more than just drinking. Mugs can sometimes become obsessions for collectors. The crazy for Moomin mugs is a great example, with exclusive mug releases that have fans and collectors drooling for another addition to their collection. These mugs featuring cute illustrations of Tove Jansson’s original characters can sometimes fetch hefty prices in second hand markets and auctions.

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