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Quality plates are a must in every kitchen. In addition to their obvious functionality, plates present a wonderful opportunity to enhance a table setting. Whether you are getting a brand new set, or complementing an old one, you will find plates for all occasions and situations here at Nordic Nest!

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Plates for all occasions and situations

Plates are a central part of your of your tableware set, in addition to the obvious function of eating and serving food on plates, they can serve as object of beauty that add to the atmosphere of a dinner gathering.

Plates come in all shapes and sizes, they can be made from various different materials and used for both functional and decorative purposes. Find the right set for you in our wide selection of high-quality plates here at Nordic Nest!

Which are the most popular plates?

Plates are in themselves a highly used and popular item, but which plates are the most popular? In our range you will find plates from numerous renowned designers and brands. 

Top 3 plates:

  1. 24h Tuokio by Arabia
  2. Rustic by House Doctor
  3. Mon Amie by Rörstrand

What plates should you choose?

When choosing what plates to get there are several factors to take into consideration. What should the plates look like? What material should the plates be made of? What size should my plates be? This can be hard to know, but we will guide you through it all and help you make the right choice. Keep reading in order to learn more about what type of plates you should get!

Does plate size matter?

Plate size can be an important factor to take into consideration, and different types of plates are often characterised by size. The size of a plate can affect the look of the meal served on it, as well as the entire dinner experience. If you are trying to eat less, choosing a smaller set of plates can actually be helpful for reducing portion size. On the other hand, larger plates can create a more luxurious look for your table setting, but they might not fit in the dishwasher. In the end it all boils down to personal preferences. 

What is the average plates size?

The average dinner plate is 25 cm in diameter.

The style and appearance of plates:

Classic plates

A classic set of high-quality white porcelain plates will never go out of fashion! The Swedish Grace and Ostindia collections by Rörstrand are great examples of classic plates designs, great for creating the most lavish of dinners, as well as for a little more luxurious work day dinner experience.

Plates of contemporary style

If you want a break from the usual white, contemporary plates are usually a bit more challenging. Think bold shapes or colours. The Teema collection by Iittala is a great example, with plates in many different shapes and sizes. This collection can help create a dynamic table setting that truly stands out.

Rustic style plates

If you want something simple, but with a bit more texture, a rustic set of plates is a great way to go. When going for a rustic style for your table setting, stoneware ceramic plates is what you should be looking for. Stoneware sets like the ones from Broste Copenhagen’s Nordic Sand and Nordic Sea are great examples of rustic tableware sets. With these sets you can create a beautiful table setting that gives off a calmer feeling. 

Seasonal plates

Our wide range of plates also include seasonal Christmas plates and even Easter plates. Plates with festive decorations such as the plates from the Swedish Grace Winter collection can be fine in our extensive assortment. If you want to truly get in the christmas spirits, changing out our normal plates for Christmas plates is a great way to get there!

The shape of the plate

Plates are traditionally round, but they do not have to be. If you want a different look, try another shape! Plates of different shapes, oval and even square, are a great way to add character to your table setting, and in our wide range of quality plates you have lots to choose from. A great example is the Teema collection by Iittala, which has square plates in several different sizes and colours.

The different types of plates:

Dinner plates

The most common type of plate is of course the dinner plates. Dinner plates are are central in all table settings, both literally and figuratively. Your choice of plates can shape the feel of an entire dinner party, a rustic plate like the ones from the Broste Copenhagen Nordic Sea collection can help in setting a relaxing atmosphere for your dinner.

Deep plates

Deep plates are an alternative to the dinner plate that is, as the name implies, deeper. This attribute can be advantageous when eating certain dishes, and deep plates are most commonly used for soups and dishes with lots of sauce. 

Dessert & starter plates

Tableware sets often include what looks like smaller dinner plates. These are most commonly used when serving desserts and starters. 

Serving plates & platters

The serving plates and platters of a tableware set are usually larger than the dinner plates of the given set. Use them to serve foods, fruits and desserts, or fill your serving plate with candles to create a cosy atmosphere around the table. These types of plates can be found in lots of different materials, not just the typical ceramic plates. This gives you the option to be more creative with how you serve your food or decorate your home.

Children’s plates

Kids’ plates are smaller plates that often feature interesting motifs and designs that keep the children interested. Ceramic plates for children are not as common as children’s plates are often of safer designs made from plastics or other alternative materials that do not break when dropped to the floor. 

Coffee & tea saucers

Saucers are small plates that often have an indent in its centre in which you place your coffee or tea cup.

Decorative plates

Some plates can sometime be deemed too beautiful for standard use, and others are simply just made for having as decoration. Decorate your living room walls with beautiful decorative plates in order to add character. One beautiful example is Ferm Living's decorative plate in their Hessa collection. If the plate is beautiful, why not put it on display? 

Choosing what material your plates should be made from:

There are not only many different types of plates, they can also be made for many different materials that give them certain looks and properties. Here you will find different kinds of ceramic plates, like porcelain plates and stoneware plates, as well as non-ceramic plates, such as glass plates and even plates made from bamboo fibres. Keep reading to learn more about the different plate materials in order to make sure that you do the right choice.

Ceramic Plates

The most common type of plate is by far the ceramic plates. However, these can be further divided into different types of ceramic plates, such as porcelain and stoneware, that can give your dinner setting entirely different looks. Keep reading to learn more about different types of ceramic plates.

Porcelain Plates

Porcelain is fired at very high temperatures, which makes it extremely hard. Porcelain is known for its shiny white surface, which is often a bit translucent. Porcelain plates have an elegant look and feel suitable for the finest of dinner gatherings, as well as for the everyday dining experience.

Plates made from earthenware

Earthenware plates are a type of ceramic plates that are fired at relatively low temperatures. Earthenware is often glazed in order to make it waterproof.

Stoneware Plates

Stoneware is fired at high temperatures and is quite dense and waterproof from the get-go. A glaze is therefore not needed, but can still give the stoneware a beautiful finish. Stoneware plates often have a more rustic look to them.

Non-ceramic plates

In addition to our wonderfull range of ceramic plates of different types, we also have lots of non-ceramic plates. Here you will find everything from glass plates to wooden plates. Keep reading to learn more about different types of non-ceramic plates.

Plates made from glass

Plates made from glass can help make for an exclusive look for your table setting. Glass plates are durable and scratch resistant, and depending on the design they are often easy to combine with plates from other tableware sets.

Wooden plates

Wooden plates are more common amongst serving plates than dinner plates. Wooden serving plates and platters can give your table setting a nice lift with a natural touch of beautiful wood. These are usually not made to be washed in the dishwasher, but they make up for it with the beautiful natural texture they provide your table setting with.

Plates made from bamboo fibres

In our extensive assortment of plates of different types, you will find lots of plates made from bamboo fibres. These are not some disposable plates you use once, but rather actual plates that can be washed in the dishwasher. Plates made from bamboo fibres are lightweight plates that will not break when dropped like ceramic plates do. These makes them perfect children’s plates, or why not use them for picnics?

Melamine plates

Melamine plates are light but sturdy, and unlike ceramic plates, they will not break when dropped. These properties make the material great for making children’s plates and tableware.

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