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Grill & griddle pans

From perfectly seared steak to tasty chicken or vegetables, with a good quality griddle or grill pan, you can extend the wonderful barbecue season with all of its flavours and memories. Here we have gathered a selection of the best griddle and grill pans in stylish designs.
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Grill and griddle pans – bring the flavours indoors

As the summer months come to an end, it does not have to mean the end of the barbecue season. With a grill or griddle pan, you can continue to enjoy tasty grilled food throughout the year.

Whether you are frying meat, grilling a sandwich or charring vegetables, here you will find a range of griddle and grill pans to choose from by highly appreciated brands.

What is the difference between a grill and a griddle pan?

A grill pan is a frying pan with a ribbed frying surface made for grilling ingredients on the stove top. It often has a square shape and low walls which makes it ideal for frying large pieces of meat.

A cooking griddle pan technically has a flat surface and a rectangular shape making it ideal for cooking breakfast foods such as eggs, bacon and sausages, however the term is often used interchangeably with grill pan.

These days, both grill pans and griddle frying pans come in a range of designs for indoor use.

The most popular grill and griddle pans

In our assortment of products, you will find large and small grill and griddle pans in a range of stylish designs made by some of the most popular brands including:

How to use a grill or griddle pan

Just like with outdoor grilling, where you do not have fat on the grill, you also do not need to have fat when cooking in a grill or griddle pan. This is to achieve the right smoky grill surface.

For vegetables, you can coat them in oil before placing them in the pan. This is not necessary with meat or fish which already have their own oils, so you can just place them directly onto the hot surface of the pan.

Begin your cooking by placing the pan over a medium heat for several minutes, allowing the heat to spread over the grill surface so your food can be cooked evenly.

Then place the meat or vegetables on the hot pan surface with a pair of sturdy tongs. Avoid turning the ingredients too quickly in the pan, so that the classic grill marks can clearly show on the food surface.

What material is best for a grill or griddle pan?

Grill and griddle pans are available in a range of materials which each have unique advantages. Two of the most popular materials are cast iron and aluminium with non-stick coatings.

Cast iron grill and griddle pans

Cast iron is a popular choice of material for a grill or griddle pan as it has excellent heat absorption and retention. There are two types of cast iron pans, enamel coated and pure, and both types are durable and long lasting.

Cast iron grill pans can be used on all types of hobs, including induction stovetops, and can even be placed over an open fire when cooking outdoors.

In addition, pure cast iron grill and griddle pans transfer iron into the food you are cooking, which is both a health and taste benefit.

Grill and griddle pans in aluminium and non-stick

Aluminium is often used as the inner material for cookware to make it lighter in weight as well as to help spread the heat evenly to the edges of the pan. As this material should not come in direct contact with food, it is then coated with some other material to make it safe to use.

Many grill and griddle pans that contain aluminium in the inner base have a non-stick coating which makes them ideal for grilling raw ingredients that should be cooked at lower temperatures, such as fish and chicken.

The main benefit of a non-stick coating is that it allows you to cook at ease without your food sticking to the surface. In addition, they are a suitable option if you are looking for a grill pan that is easy to clean.

How to clean a grill or griddle pan?

Before cleaning your griddle or grill pan, it is important to read the care instructions provided by the manufacturer to check whether it can be placed in the dishwasher or if it should be hand-washed. If you are washing it by hand, make sure that you clean well between the grooves.

Once the pan is clean, make sure to dry it properly to prevent any rusting and store it away for the next use.

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