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The right chopping board paired with a good quality knife is an essential in every kitchen. Here at Nordic Nest, you will find a large range of chopping boards that can be used when preparing food for family dinners to attractive serving platters for your next dinner party.
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A chopping board to meet your needs:

With such a large variety of chopping boards to choose from, it may be difficult to know which will be the best chopping board to suit your needs and how you can select one that is going to last. On this page not only can you find our large assortment of high quality cutting boards offered in a wide range of materials, styles and areas of use - we'll also help you figure out which one to buy.

Which chopping board to consider for your kitchen:

Besides being an essential functional tool in your kitchen, decorative chopping boards can also be used as a stylish detail. If you are looking for something high quality, why not consider the different coloured chopping boards by brands such as Broste Copenhagen, House Doctor or Bloomingville. Whether you are looking for a bold red, blue or yellow chopping board as an accent in your kitchen, or prefer a simple white or black chopping board to match a more minimal kitchen design, Nordic Nest will have something for you.

The size and shape of your cutting board is also important to consider when making your choice. Round chopping boards can be used to create beautiful platters for your table and perhaps an extra large rustic chopping board can be used to serve a freshly cut baguette. A mini chopping board may be good for preparing snacks whereas if you are going to be preparing larger vegetables or meats, an extra large chopping board will be best.

A small cutting board

Small chopping boards work perfectly for cutting up fruit for breakfast in the morning or for preparing an afternoon snack board.

Kitchen chopping board with trough

A kitchen cutting board used for carving or chopping may often have a juice trough around the edge of the cutting board to catch the liquid from meat or juicy fruits and vegetables like watermelons or tomatoes. This is a common feature on meat chopping boards and will be a good help in keeping your kitchen clean.

Decorative chopping board for serving

Marble, wood and stone cutting boards can also work wonderfully as a stylish serving board for cheese platters or snacks. Why not pair it with some luxury cheese knives for a premium look.

Innovative cutting boards

Some chopping boards have special features, such as chopping boards with storage. These can be comfortable and practical as they allow you to store food remains as you chop. Others come as chopping board sets with practical chopping board holders. A non-slip cutting board can be useful to ensure that it stays firmly on the table.

The best chopping board materials:

Wooden cutting boards are a popular choice for many because of their strong and natural properties. With proper care, they are long lasting and do not do damage to your kitchen knives. There are many types of natural wood chopping boards to choose from such as bamboo, walnut and solid oak cutting boards.

Marble chopping boards are particularly good for strong smelling food products like fish as they do not absorb smells or tastes as well as for fruits and vegetables as they do not stain. They also make a luxurious detail on the table when used as a serving board for cold meats or cheese. Marble is a natural material which makes each board unique. It also comes in a variety of colours, such as black marble, white marble and pink marble, so you can find the kitchen chopping board to perfectly match your interiors.

Edge grain or end grain cutting board?

An edge grain cutting board is made from strips of hard wood arranged side-by-side, revealing the ring in the wood. The main upside for this type of wooden cutting board is the beautiful appearance. An end-grain cutting board on the other hand is made from many smaller pieces of hardwood arranged vertically to produce a checkboard pattern. A benefit of the end grain cutting board is that it is easy on your knives and it also won’t scratch as easily.

Chopping board maintenance - How to clean chopping boards

While certain plastic chopping boards are dishwasher safe, it is advisable to wash marble cutting boards by hand. Wooden chopping boards should never be soaked in water otherwise the wood can rot and spilt.

When cooking with meat, fish and poultry, thorough hygiene is especially important for a chef chopping board. It is recommended to wash these cutting boards at a temperature of around 60 °C to ensure that the bacteria is killed.

How to clean wooden chopping boards?

To wash a wooden chopping board, hand-washing with a kitchen sponge will be sufficient.

To prevent the wood from slitting and to protect it from stains and absorbing smells, you should properly dry the wooden board after you have washed it. You should also periodically treat the wood with a mineral chopping board oil that is food-safe such as vegetable oils or bees wax.

If you are wondering how to oil a chopping board, you can simply pour the oil onto the cutting board and rub it onto the surface. Rather than pouring too much oil, it is better to repeat the process a second time if necessary. When the cutting board has a nice shine to it, you can repeat on the back, using a paper towel to absorb any excess oil.

The importance of multiple chopping boards

You can also designate different cutting boards to different food categories to avoid cross-contamination. Why not consider a cutting board sets by brands such as RIG-TIG, Brabantia or Fiskars.

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