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Textiles are a great way to quickly change up the look of your kitchen. With tea towels, oven mitts and aprons, you can add colour, pattern and life to your kitchen.
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Decorative and Practical Kitchen Textiles

Kitchen textiles are an essential part of kitchen equipment and should therefore be found in every kitchen. Kitchen towels, aprons, potholders, and oven mitts not only serve a practical function, but various patterns and colors are also decorative details that can make all the difference in your kitchen. Here at Nordic Nest, you can find a large selection of beautiful and decorative kitchen textiles that are also practical and functional aids in the kitchen. Which brands have the most popular kitchen textiles? In our extensive assortment, you can explore our wide range of kitchen textiles, carefully selected from well-known and popular brands such as Le Creuset, ERNST, and Almedahls.

Top 5 Most Popular Kitchen Textiles

Kitchen Textiles - Decorative Details for the Kitchen

Kitchen towels are not just practical kitchen equipment; they are also beautiful and decorative, and can thus contribute to emphasizing or highlighting the style of the kitchen. Since most materials in the kitchen are hard, it's also nice to add some other textures, such as textiles, to create the right balance in the room. By having a small selection of kitchen textiles, you can easily change the style of the kitchen according to season, holiday, and mood.

Practical and Functional Kitchen Textiles

An apron is a practical aid that contributes to good hygienic conditions in the kitchen. In addition to protecting your clothes from spills and splashes while cooking, the apron also prevents dirt and bacteria from your clothes from coming into contact with the food. For the grill master, a leather apron is an excellent choice, as this apron also protects against the heat from the grill or fire. In addition to aprons, you can also find potholders and oven mitts, which are important tools that a kitchen needs to be as functional as possible. Good potholders protect your hands when you, for example, need to take a hot casserole dish out of the oven or move a hot cast iron skillet.

Mix and Match Kitchen Textiles

Several series include both aprons, potholders, and kitchen towels, making it easy to decorate your kitchen with your favorite pattern. But of course, you can choose to mix and match colors, patterns, and materials yourself to create your very own and personal combination.

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