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Breathe life into any interior with a beautiful, high-quality carpet. Here you will find an extensive collection of elegant rugs of different types and designs, from a curated selection of designers and brands.

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Beautiful rugs for any home

Rugs are an essential part of creating a pleasant home. Not only do they contribute significantly with their warmth and comfort, but they can also affect your home's ambience considerably, with beautiful patterns, colours and textures. In our extensive assortment of textile products you will find from round rugs to discrete rugs to rugs of every size. 

Which are the most popular rugs?

Whatever type of rug you are looking for, you will find something for you in our extensive assortment of high-quality rugs. Here you will find rugs from a curated selection of brands and designers, including popular brands such as House Doctor, OYOY and Ferm Living.

Top 3 most popular rugs

  1. Fir rug by Scandi Living
  2. Bathroom mat round by HK living
  3. Sisal doormat by Dixie

Sound dampening with rugs

Rugs are great for sound dampening. Both in big and small spaces. If a room in your home has an echo, consider covering its floor with one or several rugs. Wool rugs offer the best sound dampening capabilities, but most other types of rugs will also do a fine job. 

If the room still has an echo, adding other textile products can help further reduce this. Curtains, cushions and blankets are all great decorative textile elements that can help you create a comfortable acoustic environment.

Small & large rugs

No matter what type of rug you are looking for, rugs come in many different sizes. Whether you need a small rug for the bathroom, a medium size rug for the hallway, or a large rug for the living room, you have lots of options to choose from in our extensive library of high-quality rugs. 

Rugs of different shapes

The typical rug is rectangular, making them easy to furnish with, in hallways as well as in the bedroom, living room or wherever it is needed. But playing with shapes can be a great way to make a room feel livelier and more dynamic. In our extensive assortment of rugs, you will find lots of rugs in many different shapes. Whether you want your rugs square, round, oval or something playful and completely different, you have lots of options to choose from.

In our collection you will, for example, find rugs, placemats and other products from LIND DNA, known for their signature Curve shape.

Rugs of different colours & patterns

Rugs come in many different patterns and colours. Whether you want a rug of a single solid colour, or prefer rugs with patterns, you have lots of wonderful options to choose from in our collection of rugs selected brands and designers.

Rugs are great for creating a truly homey atmosphere, but the aesthetics of the rug can greatly impact the mood it creates.

A rug with a black and white pattern can help create a more dynamic space by adding contrast to the room. Whereas with a plain, beige rug, the opposite is achieved. The simplicity allows for a more calming atmosphere, with the rug not grabbing attention in the same way. 

Rugs of different materials

Playing with texture when furnishing with rugs is as important as picking out the right colours and patterns. The material and texture of the rug will not only affect how the rug looks and plays in the space, but of course also how it feels to walk on. 

If you are adamant on wanting a rug of a single colour, you can still give the space you want your rug in character and complexity by choosing a rug with a more interesting texture. Jute, leather and rag rugs are three great examples of rug types that can help add that extra level of complexity to your interior.

Wool rugs

Wool rugs are not popular without reason. The soft and warming qualities of wool rugs make them both inviting and luxurious. Wool is also a great material with natural attributes that makes it a highly durable and resilient material that is both inflammable and dirt repellent. Not only that, but they also serve as a great noise insulator, contributing to a nicer acoustic environment wherever you have a wool rug.

Plastic rugs

Plastic rugs are the cost effective alternative. While not as resilient and luxurious as wool carpets, the synthetic fibres that make up the rug usually make them resistant to both dirt and stains, making them highly easy to clean and maintain. 

Woven cotton rugs

Cotton is an easy material to dye, making for a cotton rug assortment that is full of colours and patterns as well as more discrete designs. Cotton rugs are usually flat weave, making them both durable and machine washable. While not as luxurious as wool rugs, cotton rugs are great for creating a homey atmosphere, with soft, familiar textures and beautiful designs.

Sheepskins & hides

Sheepskins and hides can serve as great interior details that you can use to cover a chair, your bed, and of course your floor. Here you will find a great selection of high-quality sheepskins and hides, fit for making your home warmer and cosier.

Jute & natural fibre rugs

Jute rugs and other rugs made from natural fibres are durable and relatively easy to keep clean, requiring no more than vacuuming in most cases. The beautiful texture of jute rugs adds an interesting element wherever they are used, making for a clean yet interesting aesthetic. 

If you love natural colours, jute rugs are a great option, and in our rug assortment you will find lots of great options, such as the Madera rugs by Linie Design.

Deep pile rugs

Deep pile rugs or shag rugs are fluffy rugs that are great for making your home a lot cosier. Deep pile rugs are perfect for the bedroom as well as the living room, making your home soft and fluffy.

Bath mats

When stepping out of the shower you want your feet to be greeted with a lovely, soft rug that really hugs our feet warm. In our assortment you will find a range of beautiful bath mat designs that are easy to maintain and care for, making them ideal for covering your bathroom floor.

Door mats

Make your home more inviting with a beautiful door mat, as the door is where your home begins. Door mats are also great for keeping your home cleaner by preventing dirt from being dragged in by the feet that enter your home.

Here you will find a wide range of door mat designs, both for indoor and outdoor use, in lots of different materials. 

Children’s rugs

In our assortment you will also find carpets of playful designs perfect for the children’s room. The imaginative designs of children’s rugs incentives play and creativity, while making the space more comfortable and safer for small knees and feet. Here you will find options ranging from synthetic rugs to cotton rugs to wool rugs.

How to care for rugs:

If you have invested in a quality rug, you most likely want to care for it properly in order to preserve it in good condition. Rugs such as wool rugs have great dirt repellent properties, but all rugs are bound to eventually get a bit dirty. follow these instructions in order to make sure that you care for your rugs properly:

  • Always pay close attention to the manufacturer's care instructions before trying to clean your rugs.
  • Rugs can get dirty, but for the most part vacuuming is sufficient enough to get it clean. Avoid vacuuming the fringe of your rug if it has one, as this can damage the rug.
  • If you want to get your rug extra clean, it can be a good idea to flip your rug when vacuuming it. By vacuuming your rug on both sides, you ensure that you remove as much dirt as possible. In some cases, the rug can be flipped several times for an even better result.
  • Make sure to rotate your rug once or twice a year. By doing so you ensure that your rug wears more evenly. 
  • Some rugs can be washed in the washing machine. However, make sure to carefully follow the manufacturer's care instructions when doing so.
  • When your rug gets stained or dirty, consider hiring a trained professional to do the cleaning for you. This ensures that the quality of the rug is preserved as well as possible, and that no harm is done to your rug in the cleaning process.

How to remove stains from rugs:

Sometimes we stain our rugs. It is then important to know how to act, as you should always do so as soon as possible.

  1. Do not let the stain sit, as the longer it sits, the harder it is to remove.
  2. Dry blot the stain with paper towels. Make sure not to scrub or rub, as this can damage your rug.
  3. If the stain is stubborn and will not go away from just dry blotting, try removing the stain with the help of soft brush and ice-cold water.
  4. Use a towel to blot the rug dry, once again, do not rub or scrub.
  5. If the stain is still not gone, consider using stain remover or hiring a trained professional to clean your rug.
  6. Alternatively, you can pour a generous amount of salt on the stain before doing anything else. This would then be left until the salt has absorbed all the liquid. You can then vacuum the salt off the rug.


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