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Cast iron pans

Cast iron pans are durable and long-lasting and with the right care, they will last you a lifetime. Here at Nordic Nest, you will be able to find a variety of the best cast iron frying pans for sale by well-known brands and designers.
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Cast iron pans – long lasting and durable

A cast iron pan or skillet is an investment that, with the correct maintenance, can last a lifetime. This type of frying pan withstands high temperatures and distributes heat evenly, making it the perfect surface for frying meat.

How to cook with a cast iron skillet

When cooking in a cast iron pan, it is important that the skillet is first preheated gradually to make sure that it stays seasoned. It is recommended to heat the pan on a low heat first for 5-10 minutes until you can feel with your hand that it is hot enough to start cooking. You should try not to move the food around too much when you are cooking on cast iron as you want a caramelised crust to form. If it is sticking to the pan, then it is still not ready to flip and you should leave it a bit longer.

Caring for a cast iron skillet

If you take good care of your cast iron pan, you will ensure that it can be a good partner in the kitchen for a long time to come. Proper care and maintenance of your cast iron skillet pan is an important step to ensure this.

Seasoning a cast iron pan

To create a protective layer on your cast iron frying pan and to bring back its sheen, it should be seasoned through a process of scrubbing, oiling and baking. This creates a natural non-stick cooking surface and helps prevent your skillet pan from corrosion.

How to season a cast iron pan

To season your cast iron skillet pan, you can follow these steps:

  1. Wash the cast iron pan with dishwashing detergent to remove any remaining layers and make the surface completely clean. Normally cast iron should not be washed with dishwashing liquid, but it is fine when you are about to season it.
  2. Rinse the skillet and then dry it properly with a dry cloth or paper towels.
  3. When the cast iron skillet pan is dry, grease it with cooking oil until the frying pan has absorbed a large amount of oil. You can use a cloth or paper towel to coat the skillet evenly.
  4. Repeat the process until you feel that the cast iron pan has absorbed enough oil. Do not forget to coat the outside of the skillet pan as well.
  5. Place the skillet upside down in the centre of the oven with a sheet of baking paper or aluminium foil to catch any dripping oil. Bake for about an hour.
  6. Allow the cast iron pan to cool and wipe off any oil residue with kitchen paper.

How to clean a cast iron pan

When you fry cooking fat in a cast iron frying pan, a protective layer forms on the pan. This layer is protected if you use only hot water and a dish brush and using dishwashing liquid is not necessary.

First rinse the skillet to remove any excess loose pieces of food. For pieces of food that are stuck, use a gentle brush or scraper to remove them. If there are pieces that will skill not loosen, you can scrub with oil and salt until they come off, and then rinse it clean.

After it is clean, it is important to completely dry the pan from any moisture. Then, apply a thin layer of oil to the surface to protect it from rusting and to keep it in good condition.

Storing a cast iron pan

By placing a paper towel on the surface of the skillet pan before storing it with your other cookware, you can make sure that any excess moisture is absorbed and that the pan’s surface is protected.

Cast iron skillets by popular brands

Fiskars have a range of some of the best cast iron pans in a number of different sizes and styles. Two of their popular collections are Norden and Brasserie, which include small and large cast iron skillets with removable handles in wood for use in the oven.

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