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Create your favourite recipes with the help of a practical mixing bowl in a stylish design. Here with us, you will be able to find a large selection of baking bowls in a range of sizes, styles and materials by some of Scandinavia’s favourite design brands.
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Stylish mixing bowls for cooking and baking

With a designer baking bowl, you can comfortably mix together ingredients for the perfect results in the kitchen. Browse our hand-picked assortment of mixing bowls for cooking and baking in a range of sizes to meet all your needs in the kitchen.

What brands are the most popular for mixing bowls?

In our assortment you will be able to find a large selection of stylish mixing bowls by some of the most popular Scandinavian and global brands.

Top 3 brands for mixing bowls

Mixing bowls with lids

Mixing bowls with lids are perfect for storing food in the fridge and also make comfortable containers for bringing along on picnics or outdoors. We recommend the Margrethe collection by Rosti for stylish mixing bowls with practical lids. Their mixing bowls are available in a range of colours such as pink, green, blue and black, so you can choose your favourites!

Mixing bowls in different materials

Mixing bowls are available in a variety of materials, which each have their own advantages. Some of the most popular materials include ceramic, melamine, stainless steel and plastic.

Ceramic mixing bowls

Ceramic baking bowls are not only practical to use for mixing, but also make decorative serving bowls for the table. As ceramic is a heavy material, it sits more firmly on the kitchen countertop when you are stirring or blending. It is important to take care with ceramics as it is prone to chips and cracks.

Melamine mixing bowls

Melamine is a popular choice of material for baking bowls as they are light, easy to clean and available in a range of colours. It should be noted that melamine mixing bowls should not be used in the microwave. In addition, melamine products can develop a matte surface can develop over time and should then no longer be used.

Stainless steel mixing bowls

Stainless steel mixing bowls are extra durable and versatile. They will go especially well if you have other stainless-steel appliances in your kitchen. If you are looking for quality metal mixing bowls in stainless steel, De Buyer, WMF and Demeyere offer a large selection to choose from in stylish designs.

Plastic mixing bowls

Mixing bowls in plastic are light and durable, which makes them a suitable option for carrying out on a picnic or to bring along to friends. Popular brands such as Brabantia offer plastic mixing bowl sets in a range of bright colours.

Mixing bowl sets in every size

Practical baking bowl sets make it easy for you to choose a suitable size bowl for each of your specific mixing tasks. Our assortment includes sets with both small and large mixing bowls, all in top quality. Why not choose a set of brightly coloured mixing bowls from RIG-TIG? Or create your own set to match rustic kitchen interiors with the stoneware mixing bowls from ERNST or Broste Copenhagen.

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