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Here you will find both practical and stylish dish racks from well-known brands that will easily stand out on the kitchen counter. Choose between large and small dish racks in plastic or metal by well-known brands and designers.
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Practical dish racks for washing dishes by hand

There will always be dishes that need to be washed by hand, even for those that do have a dishwasher. For example, many pots and pans need to be hand-washed, as well as certain tableware such as plates, cups and bowls that are hand-painted or have gold rims.

A designer kitchen drainer is the perfect practical item for drying hand-washed dishes as well as an attractive addition to your kitchen.

Scandinavian dish racks in stylish designs

Not only is a dish drying rack a practical cleaning item in your kitchen, but it can also be a stylish detail which you will feel happy to display next to your sink.

Whether you are looking for an elegant stainless steel dish rack or a simple white dish rack to match minimal interiors, here you will find modern dish drainers by top Scandinavian brands such as Brabantia, Alessi and Eva Solo.

The best drying rack to suit your home

Each kitchen is different, and the size of your kitchen and household should always be taken into consideration when making choices regarding kitchen accessories.

Our assortment includes a range of dish rack sizes from large to small, so you can find the perfect dish drying rack for your home.

Dish drying racks for small spaces

For a smaller kitchen, a compact dish rack will be a comfortable option as it will take minimal space on your kitchen counter.

A foldable or collapsible dish rack is also a practical option for those with limited kitchen space, as it allows you to pack it away once the dishes are dry.

Kitchen dish drying racks with built-in cutlery holders are also a good space saving option, so you do not need to have a separate holder to store your cutlery and kitchen utensils.

Dish racks for a large household

If you have many people in your household, a large capacity dish rack may be well suited to all the dishes that need washing after a family meal.

Dish drainers with drip trays

If your kitchen sink does not come with a built-in draining board, or you simply need more space to dry dishes than the installed draining board, a dish rack with a tray gives you more space for drying so you will not have to worry about breakage and accidents from balancing dishes on top of each other to dry.

Be sure to wipe down the dish drainer tray regularly to prevent it from staining and to keep it hygienic and clean.

The best materials for dish drying racks

Dish racks come in a range of materials from stainless steel to plastic. The most important characteristic of the material is that it should be sturdy, non-slip and corrosion resistant.

At Nordic Nest, you can find the best draining racks for your kitchen in high quality materials.

How to clean a dish drying rack

Before cleaning your dish drainer rack, make sure to dismantle it if possible so that you can wash each part properly.

Most dish racks are easy to clean and you simply need to scrub them down with a soapy sponge before rinsing them. Make sure to dry them after with an absorbent cloth so prevent the material from rusting.

Many dish racks are dishwasher friendly, but make sure to check first in the care instructions before placing them in the dishwasher.

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