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Here you will find our range of String shelves from the well-known Swedish brand String. Their flexible and stylish shelves are a favorite among interior design enthusiasts all over the world. Choose from different colors and sizes to create a customized shelf that fits perfectly in your home.
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The String Shelf – A Swedish Design Icon

Since its introduction in 1949, the String shelf has taken the world by storm. Created by the designer couple Nils and Kajsa Strinning, the shelving system continues to be a favorite and is now more sought after than ever. Its greatness lies in its changeable character, making it easy to adapt to taste and needs. Its minimalist and stable design also makes the String shelf both timeless and easy to vary.

Choose Your Unique Combination

A String shelf gives you the freedom to adapt according to needs and suits your wishes. Do you perhaps need practical and sturdy storage for the newly renovated kitchen? Or maybe something small and neat for the bedroom to match your new wardrobes? Whatever you need, there are modules, shelf plates, gables, and colors that easily blend into all kinds of environments. Remember, you can also add new parts to your String shelf later on – all according to your wishes. At Nordic Nest, we offer something for every household and also ensure that you get help with both safe delivery and high service level – all part of our unique Nordic Nest service.

In Which Designs is the String Pocket Shelf Available?

The Pocket String shelf is available in several different materials, with the gables always in steel while the shelf plates come in various versions of both steel and wood. The majority of the designs available for the String Pocket can be found at Nordic Nest.

How Big is a String Pocket?

The "Pocket" String shelf has a width of 60 cm, a depth of 15 cm, and a height of 50 cm. The two gables are 50x13 cm and the three shelf plates are 60x13 cm.

How Much Can a String Shelf Carry?

To avoid sagging, a maximum weight of 25 kg is recommended, distributed on the 60 cm wide shelf plates.

What Can You Put on a String Shelf?

String shelves are best suited for storing smaller items such as books, decorations, and plants. It is entirely up to you to decide what you want on your String shelf, and you can also have slightly larger items on it, depending on how you choose to build your shelf.

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