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Colanders, sieves & funnels

Colanders, sieves and funnels are functional and practical helpers that will make your kitchen tasks simpler and easier. In our assortment, you will find a large selection to choose from in modern designs by popular brands and designers.
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Colanders, sieves and funnels – practical kitchen helpers

For a more comfortable experience in the kitchen, colanders, sieves and funnels are the perfect kitchen aids. These kitchen accessories are both stylish and functional and can be used for a number of tasks. Choose from a range of modern designs from our assortment.

Colanders and sieves - what is the difference?

The main purpose of a kitchen colander is for draining or rinsing, so it has larger holes to allow the liquid to pass through.

A kitchen sieve has a fine mesh which separates food from impurities as well as breaks up clumps in dry ingredients such as flour. It is commonly used when baking or making sauces. Sieves can also be used to separate liquids from solids, for example when making tea or squeezing a lemon. This type of sieve is called a strainer.

Colanders and sieves by popular brands

Here at Nordic Nest, we have a large selection of practical colanders, sieves and funnels of high quality, which makes it easier for you to cook in the kitchen.

Top three popular brands for colanders, sieves and funnels:

What is a colander used for in cooking?

Colanders have a variety of uses and are a must in every kitchen.

Due to the sturdy design of the colander bowl, they are perfect for tasks such as draining pasta, washing rice, rinsing vegetables or fruits.

Some bowl colanders are also designed to steam food such as vegetables or fish for a healthy and delicious meal.

Here you will even be able to find matching colander and cooking pot sets that fit perfectly together for steaming or can also be used with their separate functions.

What to consider when choosing a colander

When deciding what colander to choose, you should consider that it should be comfortable to use and appeal to your personal taste.

Metal colanders will be slightly heavier, whereas melamine or plastic colanders will be lighter and easier to hold when filled with food or liquid.

If you have a lot of metal appliances in your kitchen, then a stainless-steel colander can be a good choice to match, for a professional and uniform look in your kitchen.

If you are looking for a slightly more retro style, you will find a range of coloured colanders in melamine in our assortment.

Colander designs with special features

In our range of colanders, you will find a variety of smart and functional designs.

For example, collapsible colanders have an innovative construction that is both practical and tidy. They enable you to compress the folding colander so that it is completely flat – a great way to save space in your kitchen cabinet!

Colanders with a base allow you to place them down into the sink without having to worry about the food touching through the holes onto a dirty sink surface.

Colanders with handles on each side will be more comfortable to hold especially when they are full and heavy, and long-handled colanders will allow you to rest them over the sink for the water to drain.

Sieves for baking and cooking

For a light and fluffy sponge cake or a creamy white sauce, a baking sieve can be the perfect tool to achieve the perfect cooking results.

Not only does it filter out any impurities and break up clumps in dry ingredients but sifting through a fine mesh sieve also aerates the flour so it is lighter and easier to mix with the other ingredients.

For flour that has not been used in a while and seems to be tightly packed, sifting the flour through a flour sieve can ensure that you have the correct measurements too.

Cooking funnels – the use of a funnel in the kitchen

A cooking funnel is practical and useful tool that will be sure to save you time and prevent mess in the kitchen. Kitchen funnels can be used for decanting foods, such as rice, dried beans or lentils, into your kitchen storage jars. A funnel is also a useful cooking utensil for pouring liquids such as olive oil and vinaigrettes into serving bottles, pourers and drizzlers.

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