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Pestle & mortars

With a pestle and mortar you can take you cooking to the next level through the use of herbs and freshly ground spices. Here you will find a wide selection of pestles and mortars of beautiful designs, form a curated selection of popular brands.
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Tondo mortel - marble - Design House Stockholm
Design House Stockholm
Tondo mortel, marble
In stock
Satake Nabe cast-iron mortar - Black - Satake
Satake Nabe cast-iron mortar, Black
In stock
Earth container  Ø7.5 cm - grey-brown - House Doctor
House Doctor
Earth container Ø7.5 cm, grey-brown
In stock
Ernst mortel medium - Black - ERNST
Ernst mortel medium, Black
On backorder
Ernst mortar black granite - Large Ø14 cm - ERNST
Ernst mortar black granite, Large Ø14 cm
On backorder
Birkedal mortar Ø13 cm - Granite - Dorre
Birkedal mortar Ø13 cm, Granite
On backorder
Zwilling spices mortel - black - Zwilling
Zwilling spices mortel, black
On backorder
Unikko mortar - terra - Marimekko
Unikko mortar, terra
On backorder
Birkedal mortar Ø22 cm - Granite - Dorre
Birkedal mortar Ø22 cm, Granite
In stock
Tom Dixon Stone mortar - White - Tom Dixon
Tom Dixon
Tom Dixon Stone mortar, White
Stocked according to demand
Marina mortel marble - black - Broste Copenhagen
Broste Copenhagen
Marina mortel marble, black
In stock
WMF mortar Ø12 cm - White - WMF
WMF mortar Ø12 cm, White
In stock
Mira mortar 18.5x18.5 cm - Granit - Dorre
Mira mortar 18.5x18.5 cm, Granit
In stock
Marina mortel marble - White - Broste Copenhagen
Broste Copenhagen
Marina mortel marble, White
In stock
Petra mortel - White - Ferm LIVING
Petra mortel, White
This product is not available in your chosen country of delivery.
Boda mortar Ø14 cm - Granite - Dorre
Boda mortar Ø14 cm, Granite
In stock
Jamie Oliver mortar Ø20 cm - Granite - Tefal
Jamie Oliver mortar Ø20 cm, Granite
On backorder
Jamie Oliver mortar Ø14.5 cm - Granite - Tefal
Jamie Oliver mortar Ø14.5 cm, Granite
On backorder

Grind your peppers and spices with a premium pestle & mortar

Take your cooking to the next level by investing in a high-quality pestle and mortar set. Here you will find lots of great alternatives of exciting designs as well as more traditional renditions of pestles and mortars. Whether you are looking for a pestle and mortar of a modern scandinavian design or a classic cast iron pestle and mortar, you can be sure that you will find what you are looking for in our assortment of high-quality kitchen products.

Which are the most popular pestles & mortars?

In our extensive assortment of kitchen accessories and kitchen utensils, you will find a great selection of high quality pestles and mortars. Whether you are looking for pestles and mortars made of stone, cast iron or wood, you have plenty of great options to choose from. Here you will find high quality pestles and mortars from a curated selection of popular designers and brands, such as Tom Dixon, House Doctor and Staub.

Top 3 most popular pestles & mortars:

  1. Saceilinge Nabe cast-irson mortar by Satake
  2. Kendra mortel stoneware by Bloomingville
  3. Marina mortel marble by Broste Copenhagen

Why you should use a pestle and mortar:

A lot of flavour potential is lost when using pre ground spice. Freshly ground herbs and spices will add a lot more flavour to your food. The aromas released when you grind those herds will take your cooking to the next level.

A pestle and mortar will also give you a lot more control over your own  cooking. With a pestle and mortar you get to control how finely ground you want your peppers to be.

Using a pestle and mortar will not only help you make food from scratch, leading you to new culinary experiences. Using a pestle and mortar can also almost be therapeutic, just listening to the rumbling rhythmic sound as you pulverise those spices.

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