Protect your table with a beautiful oilcloth tablecloth that is great for both indoor and outdoor use. Here you will find easy to clean oilcloth tablecloths and fabrics in lots of elegant patterns and colours.
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Oilcloth tablecloths & fabrics

Oilcloth tablecloths are great for making life simpler for parents of young children. Oilcloth tablecloths are a beautiful way to protect your table, and they make cleaning so much simpler! This also makes them great for the tables you have outdoors, in the garden or perhaps on the balcony. 

What is oilcloth?

Modern oilcloths are usually cotton or cotton blend fabrics that are treated with an acrylic coating. This makes for a fabric that is soft and nice to put on the table, but coating also makes oilcloth easy to clean and great for protecting your table from damage.

What patterns and colours do oilcloths come in?

Oilcloths are known to be colourful with big and bold patterns, but in our assortment of oilcloth tablecloths and fabrics you can also find lots of more discreet options with minimalistic patterns and toned-down colours. No matter which type of oilcloth suite your style best, you will find lots of the best options in our extensive assortment. 

Which are the most popular oilcloths?

In our extensive assortment of fabrics, you will find oilcloths of many different colours and patterns.Here you will find lots of different oilcloth tablecloths and fabrics by renowned brands such as Marimekko, Almedahls and Arvidssons Textil.

Top 3 most popular oilcloths: 

  1. Pieni Unikko by Marimekko: The iconic Pieni Unikko pattern is available as both oilcloth and cotton fabric by the metre.
  2. Arrow oilcloth by Nordic Nest: A subtle oilcloth featuring a beautiful arrow pattern.
  3. Ramas oilcloth by Boel & Jan: An elegant tablecloth with beautiful pattern of greenery.

Oilcloth tablecloths - A must for the family with small children

Oilcloth tablecloths are perfect for families. Not only do they protect your table from stains and grease, but the acrylic coating can also protect from marks made by cutlery. Use them while eating, or perhaps when the children are engaged in a fun and creative art project. Given how easy oilcloths are to keep clean, you might also have some extra time to spend with the family!

How to keep your oilcloths clean:

  • The acrylic coating of oilcloth makes it easy to clean. Usually all stains and dirt will come off by just wiping the oilcloth with a damp cloth.
  • If necessary, most oilcloths can also be machine washed. Make sure to pay close attention to the manufacturer's care instructions. Using fabric softener, centrifuge and dryer should be avoided when washing oilcloth.
  • If your oilcloth need ironing, make sure to iron on the back of the fabric with a low temperature as to not damage the acrylic coating of the fabric.

Oilcloth fabric for sewing projects

In our assortment of beautiful oilcloth fabrics, you will find elegant options that can be bought by the metre. These oilcloth fabrics can be used to make custom tablecloths that fit you table perfectly, water resistant bags, aprons or whatever your imagination permits!

Do you have to sew the edges of oilcloth fabric?

No, it is not necessary to sew the edge of the oilcloth fabric since oilcloth does not fringe like untreated fabrics do.

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