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The autumn interior design trends 2021 include posters, sculptures, round shapes, straight lines and the reading corner.

Autumn interior design trends 2021

Autumn will soon be upon us once again. With these ten interior design trends we help you get in the mood for autumn and make your home a little more glorious just in time for the change in seasons - here are our ten interior design trends for autumn 2021!
Wednesday, 14 April 2021
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Our 10 favourite interior design trends for autumn 2021 

A new interior design season is here, and we have been longing for the autumn's rich colour palette, cosy textiles and above all a chance to include the latest interior trends in our homes. Autumn is a season when your home needs a little extra warmth, colour and an easy atmosphere to create a place where you can thrive. Below we reveal the top ten interior design trends in the autumn of 2021: 

1. Rich colour palette & dark wood details
2. Posters & sculptures
3. Portable furnishings
4. Round shapes meet straight lines
5. Jute & rattan
6. Spa bathroom
7. Green-on-green in the home
8. The reading corner
9. Transparent detailing
10. Connect in the kitchen

Dark woods and straight lines that meet round shapes are some of the autumn interior design trends 2021. Here the Drift vase from Cooee Design in beige stands in front of a dark wood panel.

Autumn interior design trends in 2021 are moving towards dark woods with soft shapes meeting straight lines. Decorate your hall or living room with trendy Drift vase from .


This season's colour palette is comprised of heavily saturated autumnal colours with brown, orange and dark red tones playing the lead role. Dark wood details compliment this trend, adding a rich and luxurious note to the interior style. This season’s textiles complete this look by tying together the autumnal accents with playful patterns. 

The Kelim pillow from is the perfect autumn accessory for 2021. Match with some more colourful textiles for an on trend contrast.

&TraditionComo portable table lamp SC53
Ferm Living
Bell table lamp, white
Ferm Living
Dry cushion 40x90 cm, sugar kelp-black
Ferm Living
Tuck flower pot 29 cm, cashmere
Ferm Living
Entwine vase dark amber, large 31 cm
Ferm Living
Calm cushion camel-black, 78x78 cm
Ferm Living
Arum floor lamp, cashmere
Ferm Living
Meadow High Pile rug 140x200 cm, tapenade


Mix and match different material choices, patterns, colours and shapes this autumn to create an atmospheric home. Inspirational and expressive posters as well as quirky sculptures are a recurring theme on Instagram for autumn 2021. Posters and sculptures add colour and a playful expression to your home.

Posters are one of the autumn interior design trends 2021 - the Composition posters from Paper Collective with an autumn colour theme.

Tip: why not bring out the paintbrush and paint your own posters and then show off in your home for a more personal touch? Or if you are not so artistically inclined you can buy this composition poster from .

Paper CollectiveMother poster
Cooee DesignOlufemi sculpture


Portable lighting and furniture are taking over the autumn’s interior trends for 2021. This autumn we are more than happy to pick up items both small and large that can be moved wherever you like in the home. The Barboy tea trolley from can be used as a beautiful, retro serving trolly with snacks and drinks to choose from or why not fill it with your favourite books and magazines, for a stylish and portable storage solution?

Portable interior design is one of the autumn interior design trends 2021 - the Verpan Barboy trolly in white can be filled with drinks, books or snacks.

Jump on board this autumn's moveable trend and decorate your home with portable furniture that is both stylish and practical.

BlomusAni mobile LED-lamp 49 cm
The Carrie lamp from Menu in white, one of the top autumn interior design trends for 2021.

Portable lighting is a great way to create a warm and peaceful atmosphere and is a trend that is practical for those who want to read and move around inside and outside the home. Decorate your bookshelf with Carrie lamp from Menu, for one of the most accessible trends for autumn 2021.


Contrasts are playing a big role in the autumn’s interior design trends for 2021, soft meets hard, cosy meets rustic. Round shapes meeting straight lines is therefore our fourth trend this autumn. A coffee table, a vasevases or a are perfect embodiments of this trend and are easy to incorporate into any home.

BloomingvilleCher side table Ø43 cm
Cooee DesignPillar vase 24 cm


Jute and rattan are two very on trend material choices for autumn 2021. A traditional woven rattan stool, rattan lamp and jute rug are all major trends to look out for this season. Match this rustic material with soft, luxurious textilesfor a stylish and equally on trend contrast.

Rattan and jute are two of the autumn interior design trends 2021 - here is the Eternal jute rug from Ferm Living.

Jute is a popular material this autumn, especially jute rugs such as this rustic and stylish jute rug from .

Broste CopenhagenRuleg ceiling lamp
NorthernPal stool with rattan seat


Take some time to take care of yourself this autumn. It is not only the home that is in need of warmth and colour at this time. As the nights draw in again and the temperature dips you may find yourself in need of a little extra love. The fifth interior trend for 2021 on our list will help you do just that and create a spa feeling in your home, most specifically the bathroom. Treat yourself to an elegant teapotsand matching filled with hot tea whilst you bathe and a luxurious soft for a warm embrace after your bath.

Theo teapot, Sand
Theo mug with coaster, Sand
Cork bowl M 29 cm, natural
Portable furniture is one of the top autumn interior design trends 2021 - here you see the Normann block tables in white and wood a practical table that you can move around as you like in the bathroom.

Bring your favorite book, a cup of hot tea and put on a moisturising face mask in the bath - because you're worth it! Place your teacup on a practical Normann block table that you can move wherever you want.

NJRDStripes towel 50x70 cm


This autumn's interior design trends for 2021 offer several exciting new ideas to renew your home. One of this autumn’s most on trend colours is a wonderful rich green. Here, nature is a great source of inspiration. Everything from and vase to mugs and glassesoffer something in this colour scheme that will be sure to arouse your desire. A close affinity to nature is reflected in the interior design trends for autumn 2021, drawing on rustic elements and the plant kingdom key to recreating this trend in your own home. 

MarimekkoUrna vase
One of the autumn interior design trends in 2021 is green, taking inspiration from nature. Here you see the green Sage Pocket String Shelf from String.

Match green tone-on-tone, one of the top autumn trend colours for 2021. Decorate the traditional String Shelf with details in dark green tones for a stylish look.

Tell Me MoreBrick pillowcase 50x50 cm


Is there anything better than curling up in a hidden nook in the home and discovering the joys of a good book? No home is complete without a reading corner. After a busy summer be sure to carve out some time for yourself this autumn. Invest in an elegant side table or a new lamp for some soft atmospheric lighting and create a reading corner for the cosiest interior design trend of autumn 2021. 

Ferm LivingFerm Living plant box side table
A reading corner is one of the autumn interior design trends in 2021. Here is the Meridian portable lamp in brass from Ferm Living.

Pick out a portable table lamp such as Meridian from Ferm Living and dream away with a good book.


Take time to reflect in your home and find peace and quiet this autumn. The top interior design trends for autumn 2021 are all about creating a home and a setting in which you can take care of yourself. The ninth trend on this list is no exception. Transparent details in the home reflect light and create an open and inviting atmosphere.

Ferm LivingRipple glass 4-pack
VerpanVP Globe Warm Peach ceiling lamp
Ferm LivingStill teapot


As the seasons change so do our taste buds, if summer is for salads, then autumn is for warming stews.  Take care of yourself in the kitchen this autumn, invest in beautiful porcelain and smart utensils and find joy in the kitchen. This interior design trend for autumn 2021 is about finding a connection in the kitchen. Cooking together with loved ones is valuable for both your body and soul. 

SagaformNature cutting board bamboo with handle
Ferm Living
Oli storage jar, Clear
Ferm Living
Ripple carafe, smoked grey
Ferm Living
Ripple verrines serving glass 14 cl 4-pack, Smoked grey
Ferm Living
Chess cutting board round, small Ø30 cm
Ferm Living
Flow bowl 9 cm, black

Whether you choose to jump on the trend for rattan & jute, pick out some transparent details or embrace rich autumnal colours this season, we are convinced that your home will be a little cosier and trendier this autumn and is sure to become a place of calm, full of self-care! 

Text: Rebecca Sparling

Styling: Angeliqa Daldorph, Arijana Kapic, Ellinor Johansson, Lina Öhlund, Lukas Kunwaryanto

Photo: Angeliqa Daldorph, Blomus, Broste Copenhagen, Ferm Living, Marimekko, Menu, NORR11, String, Tell Me More, Verpan, Woud


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