Fall Interior Design Trends 2020

This year’s fall interior design trends revolve around creating a harmonious home. Tangible 70’s nostalgia, Japanese influences and brown as the primary colour; Here are the top seven interior design trends taking over our homes this season.


24 September 2020


Fall is finally here, and how we have longed for it! Wrapped in a warming wool blanket with a cup of freshly brewed coffee in hand, we have awaited this season and all the cosiness and beautiful muted colours that it entails. After a summer and a year unlike anything we have seen before, fall arrives with new hope and realisations of the importance of a calming home. And as with every season, exciting trends arrive! Expect to see a lot more of these seven fall interior design trends 2020:

  1. Earthy Colours
  2. Round Shapes & Arches
  3. Elegant 70’s Nostalgia
  4. Coffee
  5. Japanese Design Influence
  6. Corduroy
  7. Simple Table Settings
The fall interior design trends 2020 has Broste Copenhagen showing off brown porcelain and glazed ceramics.


Fall always brings with it a bit of a warmer and darker colour palette, and this year earthy colours take the centre stage. Terracotta, muted brown tones and subdued shades of green are without a doubt a staple of this season's interior design trends. Brown in particular are seen a lot currently, on everything from cushions and textiles to vases, and even on coloured glass objects.

The fall interior design trends 2020 has ERNST showing off brown kitchen towels and brown napkins.
Cooee Design makes the interior design trends 2020 evident with their Ball vase in a Brown Colourway.


If you have an interest for interior design, you most probably haven’t missed the round shapes and arches in your Instagram feed. Ferm Living's beautiful arch-shaped table lamp Vuelta, and the spherical vase by Cooee Design conveniently named Ball, are two Instagram favourites that we simply love for fall 2020. In everything from rugs to mirrors and vases, round shapes are what this fall is all about.

The Ferm Living lamp Vuelta is a great example of the interior design trends 2020 with its beautiful arch-shape.


Earthy colours, glazed ceramics and corduroy - the fall interior design trends 2020 are clearly influenced by the style of the 70’s. These influences are mixed with the stripped-down style of 2020 when it comes to both home accessories and furniture. The 70’s influence is also evident in the form of coloured glass, yellow tints, and the use of tactile materials such as leather, suede and of course the iconic corduroy. Together these elements have melded into an elegant style with clear hints of 70’s nostalgia. 

Fall interior design trends 2020 collage with brown cushions and coloured glass, mugs with flower patterns.
Flower shaped rug by AYTM showing that the fall interior design trends 2020 are inspired by the 70’s.


The trendiest drink of the fall is without a doubt coffee. This fall, however, brings more than the mandatory morning coffee. This fall coffee is a moment of true relaxation. This season is all about slow brew, freshly roasted coffee beans, and beautiful coffee cups that double as elegant interior design details.

Fall interior design trends 2020 – slow brew with a with porcelain coffee maker by Skagerak.
Fall interior design trends 2020  – beautiful coffee cups that also serve as interior decoration.


A lot of what we see in these fall interior design trends 2020 are clear references to minimalistic Japanese design. Elegant beds and tables that practically hug the ground - this fall low furniture is in. Furthermore, these Japanese influences can be seen in that we, more than ever, seek to create homes that encourage calm moments of relaxation. Think room dividers that create smaller harmonious spaces and beautiful shadows on the walls achieved through well-arranged interior. Lighting such as Formakami and William remain favourites from previous seasons, and the Japanese influences are predicted to play an even bigger role in the interior design trends of the coming year.

Ferm Living is at the forefront of fall interior design trends 2020 with low wooden furniture, clearly influenced by Japanese design.
Broste Copenhagens wall lamp made of paper influenced by Japanese design stays relevant for the fall interior design trends 2020.


With 70’s influences that are trending this season, the prominence of corduroy in furniture and interior is a given. Cushions, chairs and armchairs - this fall we are more than willing to give room for this lovely, tactile material.

This brown corduroy cushion by House Doctor is on trend this fall.
Fall interior design trends 2020 collage with an oddly shaped mirror, a corduroy chair and a Japanese inspired lamp.


Beautiful table settings are a big part of the fall interior design trends 2020, and this season table settings are kept simple and clean as the time we spend around the dinner table is more important than complex tableware arrangements. When we set the table this season, we do so with shiny porcelain, in contrast to the rustic and rough surfaces prominent in the trends of the last few seasons. This style shift can also be seen throughout the design of other ceramics released this fall.

The fall interior design trends are all about shiny porcelain, such as these bowls from Scandi Living.
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