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Our interiors for 2022 will include soft pastels inspired by the 80's, here the Tint drinking glass and the Italian Ice Cup dessert bowl, both from HAY sit on top of the Teema plate from Iittala accompanied by ice cream and cherries.

Interior design 2022 - 13 trends to look out for in 2022

Check out the year's biggest interior design trends and be inspired by 80s pastels, a growing interest in mirrors in the home and not to mention - the colour purple. Here are the trends that will dominate our interior in 2022.
Updated 26th April 2022
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Interior design trends tend to be with us for longer than the top fashion trends and therefore, we can expect to see some favourites from last year appearing again this year; mirrors, calming neutral tones and tips for creating balance in the home will all accompany us in 2022. Among our old favourites there will also be a delightful mix of new trends to inspired you, here are the trends to keep track of for your interior in 2022: 

  1. Transparent interior details 
  2. 80’s pastels & colour pop 
  3. 50 shades of purple 
  4. Patch work design 
  5. Desert theme 
  6. Burnt tones of orange & red 
  7. An unpolished look 
  8. Metal finish 
  9. Wavy shapes 
  10. Mirrors 
  11. Quilted textiles 
  12. Calming neutrals 
  13. Balance in the home
Our interiors for 2022 appear to have a dreamy filter with soft pastels and calming beige tones taking over.

Soft, transparent & playful - interior design 2022 offers many new trends to fall in love with.


The first trend for interior design in 2022 is transparent interior details. We also saw this trend among the autumn interior design trends for 2021, and it will only grow in popularity next year. From transparent furniture and lighting to handmade glasses and clear glass vases that beautifully reflect their contents - in 2022, our interior is transparent.

Interior design for 2022 is all about transparent details, here we see the Essence tumblers in moss green and the Ultima tumblers, both from Iittala in a glass case.


The pops of colour in our interiors for 2022 come from cool, soft pastels that flirt with the 80's and complement perfectly the calming neutral colours within the rest of our interior. For something with a stronger statement pick an accent colour that falls on the border of neon. Bring some colour into your interior through interior details made from porcelain and playful glass. 

This interior design trend for 2022 clearly reflects our desire for a more playful interior and everyday life.
Our interior 2022 is playful and flirts with 80s pastels and pops of neon! Here are the fun and practical storage crates from HAY.
HAYColour Crate M 30x40 cm
Purple is the trendiest colour for our interior in 2022 and preferably in a soft lavender just like this table lamp from HK Living

Tones of purple will find their way into our interior in 2022 - from soft lavender in the spring to sophisticated plum during the autumn.


One colour that deserves its very own bullet point on the list of trends in interior design 2022 is purple. This (occasionally) controversial colour will take over our homes next year in all sorts of shades: from soft lavender to deep, sophisticated plum purple in all its forms will be visible in one way or another throughout 2022.

Ripple drinking glass from Ferm Living with a pink drink and purple flower frozen in an ice cube.
Ripple glass 4-pack, clear
Ultima Thule Drinking Glass 2-Pack, clear
Fein ice cream scoop, brass


If chess patterns are the big pattern trend this autumn, then patch work will be the number one for 2022. This trend is expected to break through mainly next autumn and winter, but of course we can already see early traces of it in brands such asLinesand! Patchwork patterns give your home a beautiful sense of craftsmanship as well as the opportunity to put together something that has been damaged and allow it to become part of the look in our interior in 2022. 

Patchwork patterns give your home a beautiful sense of craftsmanship...
Metric focus No. 1 cotton throw, pink
Lines mug 30 cl 2-pack, white
Flowerpot portable table lamp VP9, matte black
Sandy tones and ceiling lamps in rattan fit perfectly into the desert theme we see among the trends for interior design 2022.

In 2022, we will draw inspiration from the scorching sun and velvety sand to decorate with colours and details that give the home desert vibes.

Rustic vase in off-white in undulating shapes from Ferm Living - a clear example of how to decorate your interior in 2022 using the desert theme.
Ferm LIVINGVulca vase off-white
The Earth lamp from Serax looks like a planet that has been cut in half with light spilling from within each section - perfect for our desert themed interior design in 2022.

The sculptural Earth lamp from Serax illuminates the interior design trends of 2022 with its unpolished look and sandy tones!


With the previous trend in mind, it is easy to see how deeper hues are leaning towards fiery shades of orange and red in 2022 - both for the summer and winter season. As always with colour-based trends, you can choose to pick them up in smaller interior details such as textiles and vases or you can invest heavily with a statement piece in 2022’s hottest colour trends. 


Interior design trends for 2022 revolve around the imperfect and unpolished. Gone is the immaculate, predesigned look, on the contrary - in 2022 we embrace perfectly imperfect design that promotes handmade crafts and gives your interior a little extra detailing to catch your eye. Here we again see the patchwork technique emerging from textiles such as lamps. 


Among the materials that will take place in our interior in 2022, we are welcoming metals once again. Lamps and interior details with a metal finish feel just right next year!

Burnt tones of orange and red will be big in our interiors in 2022 - seen here on the Casca vase from Ferm Living.

Fiery shades of orange & red...

The Reverse table lamp from Menu is made from both metal and natural stone, together showing how an unpolished look can be great in our interiors in 2022. unpolished look & metal finish...

Lampshade in fabric made using a patchwork technique shows how our interior trends for 2022 are embracing imperfect design.

...and patch work techniques. Interior design for 2022 embraces the imperfect.


Organic shapes often reappear in interior design trends and in 2022 we will focus more on undulating, wavy shapes. Everything should move very smoothly or give the impression of doing so. In interior design 2022, we see undulating shapes in everything from how a throw falls on the sofa to cutlery and mirrors.

Wavy shapes are a clear trend among interior design 2022 - here a curved towel hanger from Ferm Living in brass.

Curvature towel rail, Ferm Living

Wavy shapes will return within our interiors in 2022 in everything from hooks to mirrors!

Pond mirror from Ferm Living shows how undulating shapes on mirrors will be trendy in our interior in 2022.
Ferm LIVINGPond mirror large


Mirror, mirror - one of the biggest interior details that has characterised our interior design choices in recent years has been the mirror. From round forms to more undulating shapes of interior design in 2022 - we are still interested in decorating with lots of mirrors for the appearance of more space and harmony in the home. 


In 2022, we will love quilted duvets, pillows and bedspreads for our interior. This luxurious textile technique is part and parcel of the patchwork design we mentioned earlier and will be extra visible in 2022 when combined with this year's colour palette of burnt and sandy tones. 

Pillows with quilted block patterns in earthy colours will be popular in 2022.
Ferm LIVINGShay quilt cushion 50x50 cm
Quilted duvets in earthy block colours from Ferm Living.

In 2022, we will be grabbing quilted blankets, pillows and bedspreads for our interior - preferably in burnt or sand-coloured tones!


Even though a burst of colour is predicted to be seen in our interiors in 2022, we cannot ignore the calming neutral colours that continue to promote a sense of peace throughout the home. Creamy white, beige and soft, earthy tones continue to stand strong in our interior and it is lucky because we can not get enough. 

Calming neutral colours such as beige will continue to stand strong in interior design in 2022 - as seen here with the beautiful Ridge vase from Muuto.
MuutoRidge vase 48.5 cm


One clear reason why the calming neutral colours continue to infiltrate the interior design trends of 2022 is because we continue to strive for balance and harmony in the home. We want and need the home to be a place of recovery, a place where we feel safe and can heal after a troubled time. The earthy colour palette, natural materials and a simple design language give us a decor that is caring and minimalist. Spa details in the bathroom, mirrors and plenty of woods set the tone for a balanced home in 2022 that continues to flirt with Japandi.

Foto: Angeliqa Daldorph, Verpan, Ferm Living, HAY, By ON, HK Living

Arijana Rosso

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