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Coffee tables are not only pratical but can act as a true statement piece in your living room. Shop glass, wood and metal coffee tables by Scandinavian brands and designers here.
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The Living Room Table at the Center

One of the most important rooms in the home is the living room. It serves as a central place for both relaxation and socializing, where much of one's free time is spent. However, no living room is complete without the perfect coffee table at its center.

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In our range, you're guaranteed to find a coffee table that feels right for you, your style, and your space. We offer a wide selection of living room tables in various shapes, such as round and oval, in different materials, such as glass, wood, and marble, and in various sizes, to ensure you can easily find the right coffee table for you.

The Importance of the Right Coffee Table

Since the coffee table is often placed in the middle of the room, its size and design play a significant role in the room's ambiance and character. But the coffee table also plays a large, practical role in everyday life, which should not be forgotten. Therefore, the choice of material, height, and placement, for example, are also important to consider.

Which Coffee Table Should You Choose?

To answer the question of which coffee table suits you best, it's important to consider aspects such as personal style, usage areas, and how your living room is arranged.

It's also important to remember that the coffee table doesn't just play a visual role in your home but should also be practical. Therefore, think about how you want to use your living room table to invest in what's optimal for you and your needs.

Consider Your Needs

What's most important to you? Is it that your living room table is practical or stylish? Ask yourself the following three questions to find out what suits you best.

Do you want to be able to gather around the coffee table for a game night with your friends? In that case, a larger coffee table might be desirable, so that both board games and friends can easily fit.

Do you want to be able to sit and eat in front of the TV? Then you need to think extra about the choice of material, as many materials, such as marble, are not optimal for this.

Do you have small children at home? In that case, round coffee tables might be preferable over square and rectangular coffee tables, to avoid sharp edges.

How Big Should the Coffee Table Be?

The size of your coffee table should primarily be adapted to the size of your sofa. The sofa, in turn, should be adapted to the room's size for optimal fit and harmony in the room.

It's commonly said that the coffee table should be about half to a third of the sofa's length, in this way, you achieve a perfect composition in your living room.

What Height Should a Coffee Table Be?

The height of the coffee table should be adapted to the seating furniture that surrounds it. A rule of thumb is that the coffee table should be about as high as the sofa's seat height. However, these are just recommendations. Coffee tables are generally quite low, but also come in slightly higher designs that are perfect for those who, for example, want to eat in the living room or create a lounge feel.

Normally, 30-50 cm is a good height for a coffee table. If you don't want to commit to a certain height for your living room table, there are also coffee tables with adjustable height, so you can vary the height, just as you like, according to need.

Which Coffee Table Suits Your Sofa?

The shape of the coffee table not only plays a practical role when it comes to aspects such as how you want to use the table on a daily basis and whether you want to avoid sharp edges because there are small children at home. What shape your living room table has is also dependent on what type of sofa or other seating furniture you place around the table. A round table, for example, can be difficult to reach if you have straight sofas next to it.

The Optimal Living Room Table for a Straight Sofa

If you have a straight sofa or a slightly curved sofa, like a Howard model, in a 2- or 3-seater model, then the elongated, rectangular, or oval coffee table is preferred. This ensures that everyone sitting on the sofa can reach the coffee table without any issues.

Coffee Tables for Furniture Groups

If you have a furniture group where the seats are placed around the table, then a square or round coffee table is preferred. The oval table also works well in these types of configurations.

If you have two sofas placed opposite each other, or a sofa with, for example, two armchairs opposite, then the rectangular table is best suited in these cases. Although the square and oval also work for them.

Coffee Tables for Corner Sofas

For corner sofas, a square or round coffee table works best. The shape ensures that everyone sitting on the sofa can reach the table, while still making it easy to get in and out of the sofa.

The Best Coffee Table for U-Sofas

Just like for corner sofas, a square or round coffee table also works best for the U-sofa. The even shape fits best aesthetically between the lengths of the sofa and also facilitates when getting in and out of the sofa.

How Should the Coffee Table Be Placed?

For you to sit comfortably and move freely between the sofa, coffee table, and other furniture in your living room, it's important to consider how you place your coffee table.

There should be a distance of about 45 cm between the sofa and the coffee table. Between the coffee table and other furniture in your living room, you should have a distance of about 80 cm to achieve an airy feel.

Coffee Tables with Practical Storage

Storing books, magazines, and remote controls in your coffee table is a smart solution that saves space. Therefore, several coffee tables are designed so you can hide the remote when it's not in use, which creates a nice sense of order and tidiness, while you still always have the remote close at hand and know where it is.

Why Settle for One Table? Group Several Beautiful Coffee Tables!

Having trouble deciding on just one table? Or do you want to create your own, both practical and creative solution? Combine and group several tables in different sizes and heights to create exciting dimensions in your living room!

Things to Consider When Buying a New Coffee Table

Remember not to over-furnish your living room. A large sofa that takes up a lot of space is best paired with a coffee table in a slightly larger size. But be careful not to let the sofa and coffee table take up unnecessary space, as your living room can easily feel smaller.

Also, invest in a couple of coasters and then make it a habit to always use them to protect your coffee table from unsightly marks.

Think carefully about your usage needs and how much time and energy you are willing to spend caring for your coffee table, and combine those answers with what aesthetically appeals to you, and you will surely find the coffee table that is perfect for you!

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