Decorate with style and add life to your interior with plants and flowers arrangements. In our extensive collection of vases you will find everything from contemporary Scandinavian vases to timeless classics by a selection of renowned brands and designers.

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The Vase - An essential element of decoration

Vases are a must when decorating a stylish home. Vases are the perfect way to display beautiful flower arrangements, but a truly beautiful vase can stand well on its own. At Nordic Nest you will find vases of contemporary Scandinavian design, classic porcelain vases, and all other styles you can imagine. Whether you are looking for a vase made of glass, porcelain or other ceramic materials, in our extensive collection of vases by selected designers and brands you are bound to find a vase for you!

Which are the most popular vases?

Our wide collection of vases includes many popular designs by renowned designers and brands. Here you will find Scandinavian design favourites like the vases from the Omaggio and Hammershøi collections by the danish brand Kähler, and more textured and rustic alternatives like House Doctor’s beautiful designs.

Top 3 vase collections

  1. Alvar Aalto Collection by Iittala
  2. Ball by Cooee Design
  3. Urna by Marimekko

The material of a vase

The material a vase is made of is a key part of its visual appeal. Glass vases have a timeless elegance to them but if you want something more rustic, a stoneware vase might be what you are looking for.

In our wide range of vases you will find vases of glass, porcelain or other ceramics, in many different designs shapes and colours. 

Ceramic vases

Ceramic vases come in both modern and classic renditions. A classic Porcelain vase is a sure-fire choice that will never go out of fashion, but even other more contemporary Scandinavian designs have a timeless aesthetic that can last for generations. 

Vases made of glass

Glass vases come in many sizes, shapes and colours, but the qualities of the material always give glass vases a truly elegant visual expression. Glass vases are a beautiful way to exhibit flowers in your home, one that is sure to contribute to the pleasant atmosphere of a tasteful home. 

How to style vases:

Tall & narrow vases:

Fall vases are a must when displaying larger, top heavy flowers. And straight, long-stemmed flowers look particularly good in vases that are tall and narrow in design. Whether you are displaying tulips, sunflowers, or perhaps some simple planches, tall and narrow vases bring out the best in taller and thinner flower arrangements. The Pillar vase by Cooee Design, available in numerous colours, is a great example of an elegant vase of tall and narrow design.

Wide vases

When putting a beautiful big flower arrangement on display, a wide vase is a must, simply because the width of the vase is needed in order fit a bouquet of flowers. The Ruutu collection by Iittala includes a large selection of wider vases in various heights and colours. The beautiful square glass vase design makes a good addition to a stylish, modern home.

Bottle vases

You do not always have to decorate with big bouquets of flowers. The small opening of a bottle vases make them ideal for displaying a few, or even just a single flower. Branches work well with bottle vases in order to create a more rustic feel in your home. Broste Copenhagen’s bottle vase is a great choice for adding beautiful timeless decor to your home.

Small vases

If you feel that some greenery is needed, you can easily small bit of green to your home with smaller vases. Even the smallest touch of flowery beauty can help bring a space to life. Cooee Design’s Ball collection includes an excellent selection of small vases for decorating your home with.

Cylinder vases

Got some leftover space in kitchen? Show off a beautiful flower arrangement in a cylinder vase. A simple cylinder vase can give your beautiful flowers the attention they deserve.

How to clean a tall glass vase:

Glass vases can get cloudy with use, And it can prove particularly tricky to get rid of this cloudy finish on the inside of a tall glass vase. Read the following instructions to learn how to best clean a glass vase:

  1. Fill the vase with warm water.
  2. Add one to two tablespoons of baking soda to the water.
  3. Add some distilled white vinegar.
  4. Scrub the inside with a soft bottle brush.
  5. Rinse and wipe the vase dry with a dry cloth.

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