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Brighten up everyday dinners and festive events with high quality dinner plates in stylish designs for your table setting. Here you will find a large range of modern dinner plates in a wide variety of colours, shapes and materials by some of the most popular brands and designers.
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Scandinavian dinner plates in modern designs

Whether you are serving an everyday meal or preparing an elegant New Year's table, dinner plates form part of the foundation for your table setting. In our extensive range of Scandinavian dinner plates, you will find the best dinner plates from renowned designer brands in a large assortment of colours, materials and sizes.

Which dinner plates are the most popular?

Here at Nordic Nest, you will find a wide range of the designer dinner plates for sale by highly-appreciated brands – all in luxury quality!

Top 3 dinner plate brands:

Dinner plate sets – how many dinner plates do you need?

Regardless of whether you are looking for a complete dinner plate set or would simply like to add a single dinner plate to your existing tableware collection, here you will be able to find the right plate for any occasion.

Dinner plate sets are particularly suitable for creating a uniform and harmonious look on the table. However, you can also wonderfully integrate individual dinner plates into existing tableware collection.

Of course, you should always consider how many people will sit at your table before buying a dinner plate set and it is always good to have an extra one or two in case of breakage.

Modern dinner plates from your favourite collection

For a harmonious look on your table, choose fancy dinner plates from your favourite tableware collection.

For example, the Kastehelmi collection by Iittala has a range of beautiful glass dinner plates as well as bowls, drinking glasses and even beautiful serviettes.

The Swedish Grace collection by Rörstrand, is also an all-time favourite and one of Rörstrand’s best-selling porcelain collections to this day. The delicate understated design was inspired by wheat swaying in the wind. In this collection you will be able to find a range of porcelain dinner plates in a variety of colours from classic white dinner plates to soft shades of pink, blue, and green.

Seasonal dinner plates for festive occasions

In our range, you will also find formal dinner plates for your Christmas and Easter table. Patterned dinner plates with festive and seasonal decorations are particularly popular to use in Scandinavia, such as Wik & Walsøe Christmas dinner plates set from the Julemorgen collection, which is the Danish way to say ‘Christmas morning’.

What materials are best for dinner plates?

Dinner plates are available in a range of materials, each with their own specific qualities. Some of the most common materials include:

  • Ceramic dinner plates – are fired at temperatures of up to 1000 degrees. They are particularly robust and easy to clean.
  • Stoneware dinner plates – are burned at temperatures of up to 1,300 degrees and provide and enchantingly rustic touch on the dining table. Stoneware should be treated with special care as they are sensitive to impact.
  • Porcelain dinner plates – are burned at temperatures of up to 1,500 degrees. Porcelain is one of the most frequently used dinner plate materials and has a particularly elegant appearance but should be treated with care due to its fragility.
  • Dinner plates made of glass – look particularly modern and can be wonderfully combined with plates made of other materials. Glass dinner plates are non-scratch and very durable.
  • Melamine dinner plates – are characterised by their lightness and resistance to breakage, which makes them ideal to use as kid's dinner plates or to take on outdoor excursions.

What is the average size of a dinner plate?

Above all, dinner plates should offer enough space for your food to be served and therefore should not be too small. For this reason, small plates are more ideal as breakfast plates or dessert plates. The average dinner plate size is approximately 25 cm in diameter. For extra-large dinner plates, the diameter can be as big as 30 cm or more.

Dinner plates in unusual shapes

While a dinner plate is traditionally round, they can also come in a range of other exciting shapes. Choose an unusual dinner plate design in a square, rectangular or oval shape to add interest to your table setting.

The right care for your dinner plate

Correct cleaning always depends on the material that is used for your dinner plate. Most of the plates in our range are dishwasher safe and microwave safe, however always make sure to check the manufacturer’s specific care instructions. Plates with gold rimming or hand-painted details, for example, should be washed by hand and should not be exposed to very high temperatures.

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