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Door mats

Your interior starts at your front door. Welcome your guests with a door mat that is not only pretty but functional as well. A front door mat will protect your floors and keep your entrance clean at the same time! Here you will find a broad selection of door rugs that will complete your hallway.
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Stylish and practical door mats for the entrance

A door mat's main purpose is to keep your home clean and fresh. When wiping our feet before we come in, we are leaving behind the mud and moisture which can damage our floors. This dirt can also be a source of germs and contaminants so a dirt-trapping door mat will make sure to keep us extra protected. During rain or wet weather, waterproof outdoor door mats can also provide us with extra safety. An absorbent door mat allows us to dry our shoes before stepping into the home, which is especially useful to prevent slipping if you have wooden or tiled floors.

Designer front door mats for your house

Apart from keeping your home clean, front door mats also provide an attractive welcome into your home. If you are looking for a door mat that is simple and modern, a luxury indoor door rug of high quality or a pretty front door mat for outdoor use, we offer you the best range of designer front door mats here at Nordic Nest.

No matter if you’re looking for a large front door mat in natural material such as Jute or hemp, or a smaller door rug in classic, timeless tones such as black, grey and brown, you can be sure to find it in our online assortment consisting of well-known brands such as Bloomingville and House Doctor.

What is the best front door mat?

The best front door mat for you depends on your needs. Other than the aesthetic factor of the door mats design being appealing to you and having the right fit to your door, this will also be based on if you will place your door rug indoors or outdoors, among with other matters. Regardless of what your needs are we can recommend you looking into the range of Dixie, Ferm Living and Classic Collection which are the best brands available when searching to buy a door mat.

What to consider when choosing a doormat?

When choosing a doormat, you should choose a durable door mat material that can withstand both moisture, dirt and daily wear.

If you are looking for an exterior door mat, an outside rubber door mat or a waterproof door mat may be a good choice for you.

Some interior door mats are specifically designed for indoors, such as kitchen door mats, so be sure to check this when making your choice. A cotton door mat carpet could be a perfect addition to the hallway or bedroom, such as the designer door mats by Boel & Jan.  Soft door mats for inside can also keep your feet warm when you have wooden or tiled flooring.

Another important point to think about before you buy your home doormat is the surface of your floor. If you have wooden or tiled flooring, a non slip door mat or rubber backed door mat will be a good decision to prevent accidents and falls. Non slip door mats also will prevent the door mat from sliding or moving each time you open the door.

Whether you are looking for indoor door mats for your kitchen or hallway, or outside door mats for your patio or porch, at Nordic Nest, you will find the best door mats to suit exactly what you need.

How to size a front door mat

Before you buy an entrance doormat, it is important to make sure you have properly measured your door so you know how big your door mat should be. The recommended width of the door rug should be at least 80% of your door width. So if you have double doors, you may need to consider an extra large door mat or double door mat so that it gives enough surface for your guests to clean their feet. On the other hand, if your doorway is narrow, a small door rug may be a better option for you. Make sure to measure the space under your door too, so you know how thick your door mat should be. If there is only a small space between your door and the floor, you may need to consider a thin door mat so that your door does not jam.

How to clean door mats at home

How to clean your house mat will depend on the material that it is made from. Be sure to check the care instructions to see if it is a washable door mat. Not all door mats are machine washable and some door mats should only be vacuumed or shaken. If you are wondering how to wash your door mats in the washing machine, make sure to look at the label of your door mat to make sure that you wash it at the right temperature.

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