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Jute & natural fibre rugs

Jute and natural fibre rugs offer inherent natural beauty and warmth to any space, whether they’re placed in the hallway, kitchen or bedroom. Here with us, you can choose from a large selection of stylish designs from some of Scandinavia’s favourite brands.
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Jute and natural fibre rugs in stylish designs

Natural fibre and jute rugs are the perfect way to add texture and warmth to your home. In our assortment you will be able to find a wide variety of both large and small jute and natural fibre rugs in a range of designs. Choose from a range of colours such as brown, white, black or grey.

Where can you place a natural rug?

Jute and natural fibre rugs can be a beautiful addition in many parts of the home, such as the hallway, under a coffee table in the living room or in the kitchen. Natural fibre rugs that are durable and stain-resistant are more suitable for the main thoroughfares of your home, such as the foyer or entry way, whereas those which have light colours and softer materials are more ideal for places which have less traffic, such as a formal living room, bedroom or guest room. Wherever you choose to place your jute or natural rug, it will be a decorative and expressive element in your interior design.

What natural fibre rugs are the most popular?

Natural fibre rugs are available in different types of materials, which each have their own specific characteristics and visual appeal. One of the most popular types of natural fibre rugs are jute rugs, but there are also many other types of natural fibre rugs such as hemp rugs, sisal rugs and coconut fibre rugs.

Top 3 most popular brands for natural rugs

What is jute?

Jute is a bast fibre as it comes from the stem of a plant rather than the leaves. It has a soft and natural feeling which makes it suitable as a textile fibre. It is also one of the strongest natural fibres, which makes jute products durable and long-lasting.

What are the benefits of a jute rug?

Apart from their beautiful and natural appearance, there are many other advantages which make woven jute rugs an appealing option. Here are a few of the many benefits of jute rugs:

  • Eco-friendly. Firstly, jute rugs are an environmentally friendly choice as jute is biodegradable and compostable.
  • Easy to clean. They are a low-maintenance option and can be easily cleaned with a vacuum.
  • Soft. Jute rugs have a soft feeling which makes them comfortable and pleasant to walk on.
  • Durable. Jute is a strong and durable fibre which means that you can enjoy your jute rug year after year in your home.

What shape to choose for your jute rug

Here you can find jute rugs in a range of shapes to perfectly suit your interiors.

An oval or round jute rug has a soft feeling and an expansive effect, making it an ideal choice for small spaces. In addition, the soft and organic impression created by the natural material is enhanced by the circular shape.

Square and rectangular jute rugs are a good choice for spacious rooms as act as an anchor for pulling together the different elements in the interior. They can offer a wonderful contrast to rounded furniture pieces.

Jute runner rugs are suitable for narrow spaces, such as hallways or entry rooms. They can also serve as a beautiful detail at the foot of the bed.

How to clean a jute rug

Braided jute rugs are generally easy to clean and simply need to be vacuumed. If the rug is exposed to moisture, it should be removed as soon as possible by blotting it with a paper towel or absorbent cloth. It is important that you do not rub the jute rug as this will cause the moisture to move deeper into the fibre.

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