Brighten up your home with lamps that you find beautiful. Here you will find an extensive assortment of high-quality lamps of all types and styles, from a curated selection of designers and brands.
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Stars string lights 2.7 m - White - House Doctor
House Doctor
Stars string lights 2.7 m, White
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Stars string lights 2.7 m - Black - House Doctor
House Doctor
Stars string lights 2.7 m, Black
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Glow string lights 8.7 m - White - PR Home
PR Home
Glow string lights 8.7 m, White
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Glow string lights 8.7 m - Black - PR Home
PR Home
Glow string lights 8.7 m, Black
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Partaj light strand - white - Star Trading
Star Trading
Partaj light strand, white
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Brighten up your home with lamps of great designs

Lamps are an essential part of any home.  We use them for practical purposes, to set the mood and to decorate our homes. In our extensive lighting assortment, you will find high-quality lamps of all types. Whether you are looking for floor lamps, pendant lights or even simple lamp stands, you have come to the right place. Here you will find lots of beautiful lamps from a plethora of brands, such as Louis Poulsen, House Doctor and Fritz Hansen.

Which are the most popular lamps?

In our wide selection of lamps, you will find all the lamps you could possibly want and need. Here you will find lamps of all types, from a curated selection of highly popular brands. In our assortment you will find high-quality lamps from brands such as Menu, Normann Copenhagen and &Tradition.

Top 3 most popular lamps:

  1. JWDA table lamp by Menu
  2. Bazar wall lamp by By Rydéns
  3. Panthella Portable table lamp by Louis Poulsen

Pendant lights

If you are looking for a new centrepiece for the living room, a pendant lamp might be what you are looking for. In our extensive lighting assortment you will find pendant lights of beautiful designs that can act as true statement pieces. Our wide selection of lamps does of course also include more subtle alternatives, so no matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find it here. 

Pendant lamps are not only great to hang in the living room, they are often also hung over the dining table, whether in the kitchen or the dining room. If your ceiling height allows it, you can even hang a magnificent pendant lamp over the bed in the master bedroom. 

Desk lamps & table lamps

When sitting and working by a desk, proper lighting is of utmost importance. To preserve your eyesight, you should always be using a desk lamp when reading and doing desk work. 

Table lamps can be used to spread more ambient light throughout your house. When placed on shelves or tables around the house, they contribute greatly to the ambient light of your home, and can help create your desired atmosphere. Table lamps also act as great window decoration. 

Desk and table lamps might differ a bit in how they are used, but they both contribute significantly to the atmosphere of a home, both when they shed light, as well as when they are switched off.

Wall lights

Wall lights are great for lighting up tight spaces. If you need lighting in your hallway by the stairs, wall lamps might be the way to go. They are also great by the bedside, to create a more uncluttered look on your bedside table.

Some wall lamp models also make great reading lamps. Armed designs such as the Bazar wall lamp by By Rydéns is a great example of a stylish reading lamp you attach to the wall. Place it next to your favourite chair!

Ceiling lamps

Much as with wall lamps, ceiling lights are great for lighting up tight spaces. ceiling lamps can work wonders in your hallway or bathroom, providing the pleasant lighting you need. But ceiling lamps do not only belong in small spaces. They can also light up the larger rooms of your home. Why not let a ceiling light of a beautiful design light up your living room, kitchen or bedroom?

Floor lamps

Floor lamps are not just great for filling out and decorating empty floor space, that can also contribute significantly in terms of mood lighting. Many floor lamp designs are also meant to be used when reading. Let an elegant floor lamp, such as the Dynamo by Superliving, aid you when reading in the dark, while you are sitting in your favourite lounge chair.

Children’s lamps

In our assortment you will not only find Scandinavian design classics. We also have a wide selection of playful lamp design, perfectly suited for the children’s room. Choose from a range of children’s lamps in lovely designs!

Window lights

Fill out your windows with beautiful window lights. Not only will window lamps contribute greatly to the ambient lighting of your home, they can also add a lot of character to the exterior of the house. In our lighting assortment you will find an extensive range of elegant window lamps.

Solar cell lights

Solar cell lights are lamps that are powered by solar energy. This means that there is no need for a wall plug, which makes these lamps portable. The portability of solar cell lamps make them ideal accessories to bring to the picnic!

Light string & decorative lighting

If you want to set a cosy atmosphere, you should definitely consider using light string and decorative lighting. These types of lamps are not only great for decorating, they are also among the best for creating a cosy mood in any space.

Feather lamps

Feather lamps have grown to become highly popular. The light and fluffy aesthetic of these types of lamps can truly leave a lasting impression, and thus they make great centrepieces of any room. Here you will find beautiful feather lamps such as the popular Eos lamp collection by the Danish brand Umage.

Lamp shades

If you have tired of the looking of the interior of your home, switching out your lamp shades is a simple way to give your interior the lift it deserves. In our assortment you will find a wide range of lamps shades of beautiful designs, suited for the most style conscious of decorators.

Lamp stands

If you have found a lamp shade of a design that you have truly fallen for, but you do not have a lamp that can make use of it, getting lamp stands for those lamp shades might be a good idea. Lamp stands are also great to get when buying lamps shades that do not suit tha lamps you currently own.

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