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A table lamp is a practical way to change the atmosphere of a space by add lighting to a desk, shelf or windowsill. Find table lamp you are looking for here amongst all the most popular designs from our curated range of renowned designers and brands!

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A curated range of table lamps & desk lamps

Our extensive range of lamps includes lighting for all situations. Here you will find pendant lights, floor lamps, and of course we also have a wide range of both desk lamps and table lamps. Our Assortment consists of lamps from selected brands and designers, curated for you to find the perfect quality lamp. 

Which are the most popular table & desk lamps?

Our curated selection of desk lamps and table lamps includes many popular designs from brands like Design House Stockholm & Louis Poulsen, renowned for the innovative Block Lamp design, perfect for the sideboard or the coffee table, and of course also Fritz Hansen with their beautiful desk lamp Kaiser Idell.

Top 3 most popular lighting collections

  1. JWDA by Menu
  2. Panthella by Louis Poulsen
  3. Flowerpot VP3 by &Tradition

Set the tone with a table lamp

Table lamps allow you to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in your home. Brilliant in places such as the window, work areas or the small corners of your home. Table lamps can provide light for every purpose and every mood. They are a wonderful way to lift your spirits. Wherever you need a little extra lighting, we have a range of table lamps and desk lamps in everything from contemporary Scandinavian designs to industrial desk lamp designs to true timeless classics designs to choose from.

Why are desk lamps so important?

A quality desk lamp is essential for any work desk, whether it be for the home office or at work. What makes them crucial is that a normal ceiling lamp does not provide enough light for desk work. Adjustable desk lamps are great addition to your desk for preserving your eyesight. Reduce the strain on your eyes with a high-quality desk lamp, while decorating your desk with one of our many gorgeous designs.

What type of light source should you use for your desk & table lamps?

The type of light bulb you use for your table lamps and especially your desk lamps is of crucial importance for the type of light they will provide. If you are torn between choosing a LED or a halogen light source, the answer should really be quite simple. Keep reading to learn more.

The benefits of an LED light source:

  •  They are a lot more power efficient (better for the environment)
  • Getting the right warmth is easier because there are lots of colours to choose from
  • Up to 50.000 hours of light

Table lights for ambiance and atmosphere

Table lamps are great for setting the right tone in a space. Make the living room cosier with the dim light of a table lamp.

Create a pleasant atmosphere in the bedroom with a great set of bedside table lamps. Or why not light the window with a table lamp of industrial design in the windowsill.

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