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Ceiling lights are a most for in all homes, and they can be implemented in every room to simply add general lighting to the space, or to decorate it with a beautiful showpiece. Whatever you are looking for, our extensive assortment offers beautiful ceiling lamps from selected designers and brands.



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Ceiling lights - The most important lights of the home

Ceiling lights are not only a great way to provide a room with general light, they are also central a central part of a home’s decor. Whether you are looking for form, function or a combination of both, our extensive range of lighting solutions presents you with endless opportunities to brighten up your home. 

Which are the most popular ceiling lights?

Our assortment of ceiling lights includes numerous popular lamp designs by many popular designers and brands. Our selection includes many popular brands such as Secto Design, Bsweden and Belid.

Top 3 ceiling lights:

  1. Monarque by By Rydéns
  2. Asteria by Umage
  3. Over Me by Northern

Combine and match your ceiling lights with other lamps

Combine your ceiling lights with other light sources, like table lamps, pendant lights and floor lamps in order to give a room more depth and more versatile lighting that can be adjusted to create the atmosphere and mood that is appropriate for the moment. Combine ceiling lights with other lamps from the same collection in order to easily create a red thread of design in how your home is furnished and styled. 

Our lighting assortment includes many diverse collections like the Globen Lighting Ray collection, for example. Ray is a beautiful lamp collection which includes wall lamps, floor lamps and many other types of lamps, including ceiling lamps of course.

How to choose the right ceiling lamp:

If you are looking for a showpiece that takes up a lot of space, a hanging pendant light be the way to go. Pendant lamps look particularly good hanging over the kitchen table, coffee table, and the master bed, if you have enough space to pull it off. 

In tighter spaces like hallways and small bathrooms, and if your ceiling is quite low, it might be better to go for a ceiling lamp that mounts directly to the ceiling. These can still be beautiful showpieces that serve their function wonderfully, but since they take up less space, they provide the rest of the room with more space to breath.

What to consider when installing ceiling lights:

When mounting a lamp to the ceiling it is important to ensure that the right fuse in the fuse box is switched off. Mounting a ceiling lamp is not always easy and it can also be a bit risky, so if you are unsure on how to do it correctly, it is always advisable to take help from a trained professional.

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