Menu works with form and function in order to make your everyday life more comfortable, creative and beautiful. Their contemporary Scandinavian designs are made to last and stand the test of time. Find everything from Menu’s lighting to home accessories at Nordic Nest.
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Carrie lamp - black - MENU
Carrie lamp, black
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Carrie lamp - olive green - MENU
Carrie lamp, olive green
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Carrie lamp - Bronzed brass - MENU
Carrie lamp, Bronzed brass
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Carrie lamp - brushed brass - MENU
Carrie lamp, brushed brass
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Carrie lamp - white - MENU
Carrie lamp, white
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Carrie lamp - dark red - MENU
Carrie lamp, dark red
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Menu - Design & quality

The Danish brand Menu works towards making the world a little bit less complicated. With the design of classic minimalistic Scandinavian design, Menu creates products to ease everyday tasks and to make the world a little bit nicer to live in. The Danish brand collaborates with some of the biggest names in Scandinavian design, including Norm Architects, Note Design Studio and Afteroom.

What is Menu’s approach to sustainability?

Menu is committed to the principles set by the UN, and continuously strives to reduce the environmental impact of their production, working towards a more sustainable brand in total. They not only want to meet the UN’s principles of human rights, anti-corruption, and environmental impact, but want to work beyond these requirements in order to manage their own social and environmental impact, and make a difference for sustainability.

Employes trained for sustainability

Menu implements training and regular assessments of employes on how they can and should contribute to the mitigation of Menu’s environmental impact.

Sustainable business partners

Menu expects their business partners to implement the same or similar strategies in order to meet the requirements and principles set by the UN. They expect transparency and that they have the same requirements for their partners.

Why you should choose Menu designs:

  • Menu offers simple and elegant yet creative and functional Scandinavian design that makes your life less complicated.
  • Menu works with talented designers in order to produce contemporary design that simplify living.
  • Menu creates luxurious yet functional products that create beautiful accents pieces for your home.
  • Menu offers beautifully-crafted quality products that will last a long time.
  • Menu is continuously working to make its business more sustainable.

Menu lighting

The Danish design brand Menu is particularly famous for their elegant lighting solutions. With their innovative table lamps, intriguingly designed floor lamps, minimalist ceiling lights and wall lamps, they have something for every taste and need.

Whether you need a ceiling lamp for your kitchen or a floor lamp for your living room, Menu’s assortment of lamps and lighting has something for your particular situation. 

Menu design accessories

Menu's assortment of products include a wide range of beautiful design accessories to complement your home and make your everyday life simpler and more elegant. Their luxurious newspaper rack, candle holders and beautiful vases serve as great accent pieces for your living room, bedroom or wherever you find suitable. 

Menu bath accessories

Menu has a wide range of bathroom accessories. Their elegant bath wiper, towel bar and soap dispenser can help you shape an elegant yet functional bathroom of contemporary scandinavian design.

Menu kitchen accessories

Menu’s range of products include a beautiful collection of kitchen and dining accessories. This assortment ranges from their highly popular Bottle Grinders, various plates and bowls of minimalist design and elegant teapots and carafes

Menu design collaborations with renowned designers

Menu collaborates with top designers and studios in order to harness their skills and creativity for creating contemporary designs that compromise in neither a functional nor an aesthetic regard. These include Afteroom, Nick Ross and Norm Architecture and many other prominent designers and studios.

Menu design - High quality

The Danish brand Menu’s luxurious range of contemporary design products are functional, aesthetically pleasing and of course of great quality. Menu puts great emphasis on quality and the importance of products that last a long time. High quality materials paired with great design result in products that are worth investing in.

When was Menu founded?

The Danish brand was founded in 1978, and was then called Danish Steel House. Since their founding, Menu has worked with talented designer and studios in order to create contemporary designs of form and function.

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