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Water jugs and carafes

Serve ice cold drinks in one of our water jugs or carafes. Here you will be able to find a range of options for all occasions from Scandinavia’s favourite brands. Choose from a variety of sizes, materials and styles to find one that matches your home and personal style.
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Stylish water jugs and water carafes

With the help of water carafes and jugs, water can be served elegantly at the dining table for everyday and festive occasions.

Here you will be able to find a large selection of high-quality water jugs in a range of stylish designs from renowned Scandinavian designers.

Which brands are the most popular for water pitchers?

In our assortment, you can choose from a range of water carafes by some of the most popular brands.

Top 3 brands

Water jugs in high quality materials

Water jugs are available in a range of materials which each have their own specific properties. Some of the most popular materials for water carafes are glass, stainless steel, ceramic and stoneware.

Glass water jugs

Not only are glass jugs an elegant option, but they also allow you to see what is inside the carafe and how much is left before it will need to be refilled. For stylish glass water carafes, we recommend the Swedish brands Orrefors and Kosta Boda, which specialise in glass design.

Stainless steel water jugs

Stainless steel is a classic material that has a timeless appeal. It is easy to clean and does not damage easily, making it a practical choice of material for a water carafe.

Ceramic jugs

Ceramic is a beautiful material that is available in a range of colours and patterns. We recommend the brands PotteryJo and Mateus for stylish ceramic jugs that you be sure to will love.

Stoneware water jugs

Water jugs in stoneware will add a natural and rustic expression to your table setting and contribute towards a relaxed atmosphere. It should be noted that stoneware is sensitive to impact and therefore should be handled with care.

Water jugs with lids

Many water jugs come with practical lids which make it easy to carry to the table when filled up without any water spilling over. Water carafes with lids are also a good option for outdoor use as they prevent any dust or insects from falling into the jug.

Different uses for water jugs

In addition to pouring water, a stylish water pitcher is also the perfect vessel for other drinks such as juice, ice-tea and specific wines.

Some water carafes can also work beautifully as an elegant vase. Fill with a fresh bouquet of your favourite flowers for a completely unique decoration in your home.

Water carafes from your favourite collections

Many popular brands include water jugs and carafes in their collections so you can create a unified look in your home and on the table.

For example, the German brand Nachtmann includes elegant crystal carafes in their Jules and Noblesse collections.

The Ferm Living carafe in their Ripple collection is an all-time favourite and matches beautifully with the rest of the glassware in the collection such as the drinking glasses, cocktail glasses and wine glasses.

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