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The highly popular Ripple series is a collection of beautiful, mouth-blown glasses of various types, designed and made by the Danish brand Ferm Living. Here you will find the elegant glasses and carafes of this lovely glassware collection.
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Ripple by Ferm Living

Ripple is a best-selling series of glassware by the Danish brand Ferm Living. The series consists of glasses of many variations, along with beautiful carafes, all featuring the finely striped ‘ripple’ design. The pieces of this mouth-blown glassware collection will not only make your table setting more elegant with quality design glass, but can also be used as beautiful decorative items in your living room, bathroom as well as in the kitchen.

Which are the most popular products of the Ferm Living Ripple collection?

Ripple is a highly popular series of glassware by the brand renowned interior brand Ferm Living. The Ripple glassware collection includes several highly popular pieces, with the regular drinking glasses being the most popular. 

Top 3 Ferm Living Ripple products:

  1. Ripple glasses 4-pack
  2. Ripple carafe
  3. Ripple wine glasses 2-pack

Different types of Ferm Living Ripple glasses

The Ferm Living Ripple collection consists of several types of glasses for various different drinks and needs. Here are all the glass types included in the Ripple collection: 

  • Tumblers
  • Tall drinking glasses
  • Wine glasses
  • Champagne glasses
  • Espresso glasses

In addition these different types of glasses, the ripple collection includes a beautiful carafe that matches the elegant design of the glasses.

Ripple smoked & clear

All the glassware in the Ripple collection comes in two varieties, a beautifully tinted glass variant called Smoked Grey, as well as a regular clear glass variant. The wine glasses and Champagne glasses of the Ripple Smoked Grey variety stand out with their untinted foot and stem, which creates a beautiful and exciting contrast.

Quality glass made by hand

The beautiful design and high quality of the ripple glass collection is achieved by having glass mouth-blown into moulds. The result is astonishing, with beautiful glasses of different types, all featuring the rippled finish that give the series its name.

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