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Long drink & highball glasses

Serve fancy cocktails in stylish highball glasses or use a long drink glass for refreshing lemonade in the summer. Here you will find a large assortment of long glasses for drinks for all occasions from renowned brands and designers.
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Highball glasses for delicious drinks

Highball glasses, also called long drink glasses, are tall glasses that are usually have straight sides and a flat base or footed stem. These drinking glasses come in a number of styles, designs and materials so that it is easy to find something that you can proudly serve delicious drinks in. Here you will find a large assortment of quality highball glasses from well-known brands.

Which brands are the most popular for highball drinking glasses?

In our wide selection of tableware, you will be able to find a range of tall drinking glasses by renowned brands.

Top 3 most popular brands for high ball glasses

Shape and size of long drink glasses

Typically, a long drink glass is tall, round and narrow. They often have a thick base which makes them more stable.

Tall highball glasses usually hold between 20 and 30 cl although some can even hold 40 cl. They are often served with a straw.

Highball glasses for sparkling beverages

Long drink glasses are perfect for serving carbonated drinks as they have a small surface area which prevents the carbon dioxide escaping too quickly. This means that you can sip the drink over a long time and it will stay just as bubbly and fresh.

Long drink glasses from your favourite collections

Many popular brands have collections which include highball glasses so that you can match your highball glasses to other tableware and drinkware items.

For example, the Perfect Serve collection by Spiegelau includes highball glasses as well as shot glasses, champagne glasses, carafes and more.

In the Noblesse collection by Nachtmann, you will be able to find crystal highball glasses as well as other tableware items in crystal. The collection also includes home accessories such as candle holders and even soap dispensers, all in high quality crystal adorned with a classic diamond pattern.

Tall drinking glasses for every occasion

Highball glasses are the perfect drinking glasses for both fancy cocktails and for non-alcoholic drinks. Pour a glass of refreshing lemonade in a stylish long drink glass or use a fancy highball glass for serving delicious mocktails.

Here you can choose from a range of tall highball glasses that you can use for every occasion.

Highball glasses in stylish designs

In our assortment, you can choose from highball glasses in a range of designs so you can find your favourite.

The Ripple long drink glasses by Ferm Living are an all-time classic with straight lines and a sophisticated style. The ribbed highball glasses are made from mouth-blown glass and come as practical highball glass sets.

For something unique, we recommend the unusual highball glasses in the Bossa Nova collection by Nachtmann. The glass has a gorgeous wicket basket pattern made from the finest crystal.

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