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Shot glasses are not just perfect for large parties but can also be used for traditional after-dinner drinks, serving espressos, and enjoying summer snapps with your Scandinavian friends. Here you will find designer shot glasses to add a stylish touch to any event.
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Shot glasses for festive occasions

Shot glasses are a must for any celebratory event. Besides being the perfect serving glasses for spirits and liqueurs, shot glasses can also be used as stylish and elegant dishes for small desserts and appetisers. Here you will find a wide variety of designer shot glasses that will add a touch of luxury to any occasion.

Which shot glasses are most popular?

Fancy shot glasses are the perfect accessories for both small and large events and are also the perfect way to serve drinks such as vodka, whiskey or tequila. Here with us, you will find a large selection of fancy shot glasses in a range of designs from well-known brands.

Top three most popular brands for shot glasses

Shot glasses for small and large events

Shot glasses can be used to serve your drinks for both small gatherings to large celebrations such as weddings, Christmas dinners or birthday parties. Not only are they practical for serving spirits and liqueurs to your guests, but they also add a decorative and festive element in your table setting.

What size is the standard shot glass?

Shot glasses can come in a range of sizes but generally the volume will vary between 20 to 40 ml for a small single shot glass to between 60 and 70 ml for a large double shot glass.

A designer shot glass for the collector

You can also choose to buy unique shot glasses as individual pieces, for example if you want coloured shot glasses or shot glasses with interesting designs – the perfect choice for those who are an avid collector.

Shot glass gift sets for the drink enthusiast

For a thoughtful present to the one who loves a drink, why not gift a shot glass set in a stylish design from one of our popular brands. Here you will find matching shot glass sets in a range of styles by some of the most popular designers. If you’d like more tips on highly appreciated presents see our gift ideas!

Other uses for shot glasses

Apart from being the perfect drinking glass to serve and measure spirits and liqueur, fancy shot glasses can also be used in many other ways. Here it is really your imagination that sets the limit.

For example, for your next dinner party or event, why not serve small desserts in shot glasses for an elegant detail to the evening. Top the dessert with slices of fresh fruit or chocolate shavings for a final touch.

Shot glasses can also make beautiful and decorative alternatives to small vases. Display a single flower or green twig in a tall shot glass as a simple and stylish interior detail in your home.

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