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House Doctor

House Doctor is renowned around the world for their unique lamps and other innovative furnishings in contemporary Scandinavian style. Here at Nordic Nest you will find a wide range of products from House Doctor’s provocative assortment furnishings.
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Hempi rug  60x90 cm - light grey - House Doctor
House Doctor
Hempi rug 60x90 cm, light grey
In stock
Hempi rug  60x90 cm - nature - House Doctor
House Doctor
Hempi rug 60x90 cm, nature
In stock
Hempi rug 85x130 cm - Black - House Doctor
House Doctor
Hempi rug 85x130 cm, Black
Stocked according to demand
Hempi rug 90x300 cm - Natural - House Doctor
House Doctor
Hempi rug 90x300 cm, Natural
On backorder
Hempi rug 250x250 cm - Natural - House Doctor
House Doctor
Hempi rug 250x250 cm, Natural
Only a few left
Hempi rug 250x250 cm - Light grey - House Doctor
House Doctor
Hempi rug 250x250 cm, Light grey
Only a few left
Hempi rug 90x300 cm - Light grey - House Doctor
House Doctor
Hempi rug 90x300 cm, Light grey
In stock

House Doctor’s design philosophy

House Doctor describes itself as provocative, personal and informal. Their designers create exciting designs with a Scandinavian touch that add a bohemian and harmonious atmosphere in the space that they are placed. House Doctor believes it is more fun to mix than it is to match, and strives towards designing products that allow their patients to create unique, personalised homes.

House Doctor lighting solutions

The Danish Brand House doctor offers a versatile range of interior decoration and furniture, but are known primarily for their innovative and playful lighting and lamps. The fascinating shapes and peculiar styles they implement in the design of their products can help you create more interesting living space in the kitchen, bedroom, or any room you desire.

Lighting is a key component when shaping a home, which is something that House Doctor understands well. With a House Doctor lamp, you can breathe life into any space.

House Doctor interior decoration

The versatile range of the Danish brand House Doctor includes innovatively designed lamps, chairs, rugs and more. The stylish Scandinavian design of the brand is also reflected in decorative elements such as vases, mirrors and candle holders. Calm and timeless colours complemented by subtle pastel tones help balance the bold shapes and unique expressions of their elegantly designed products.

Which are House Doctors most popular collections?

House Doctor has launched a number of outstanding collections throughout their existence. One example is the highly popular ceramic collection by the name of "Rustic", which features the products you would usually expect, such as cups, plates and serving bowls. However, the collection also includes more decorative items such as vases and flowerpots. Other House Doctor collections have also proven themselves over the years. Just like the stylish lamps series Ball, Glow or Opal.

Top 3 collections by House Doctor

  1. Rustic
  2. Opal
  3. Twice

Society of Lifestyle

House Doctor is part of the design platform "Society of Lifestyle" which was founded in 2001 and consists of 4 famous home design brands.

How does House Doctor approach issues of sustainability?

As part of Society of Lifestyle, House Doctor actively works towards making positive change in the world by supporting social and environmental initiatives working with various issues of sustainability. One such organisation is Grow for It; a non-profit organisation focusing on tree planting, chosen for their transparency and trustworthiness. At House Doctor and Society of Lifestyle they firmly believe that doing good makes a difference.

The founding of House Doctor

House Doctor is a family business, founded by the siblings Rikke Juhl Jensen, Gutta Juhl Capel and Klaus Juhl Pedersen in 2001. What started as a small shop for home accessories in Jutland has grown over the years into an internationally flourishing company that brings a piece of Scandinavia into the living quarters of the world with its innovative and high-quality products such as porcelain, lamps and home accessories.

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