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Here you will find a variety of decorative light bulbs designed to complement your Scandinavian statement lighting. Choose from different sizes and colours.
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High-Quality Light Sources

Extra bulbs or LED lights are important lamp accessories that everyone should have at home, so you can easily replace your light source when needed. In our range, you can find light bulbs, LED lights, or why not a high-quality halogen lamp from well-known brands?

How Do You Know Which Light Source to Use?

Light sources come in many different shapes and lights, and therefore it can be a bit tricky to know which light source to use. For your light source to work, it's important that it has the right type of socket for the lamp or lamp suspension. Commonly used are E27 sockets or E14 sockets. It's also important that the light source's wattage matches the lamp to avoid damaging the fixture or reducing the quality of the lighting.

You should choose the right light output, so you neither get too strong nor too weak light. This is measured in lumens, where 0 is little light and 1300 is a lot of light.

Light bulbs and LED lights also have different color temperatures, something that affects the atmosphere in your home. The color temperature is measured in kelvin, and a common temperature is 2700K. Higher than that gives a cooler light, while a lower temperature than that gives a warmer light.

Which Light Bulbs are Dimmable?

A dimmable light bulb makes it easy to adjust the brightness according to need, time, and season. We offer dimmable LED lights, light bulbs, and halogen lamps from well-known brands like Star Trading.

What are LED Lights?

LED lights are excellent light sources in several ways. They are energy-efficient, and therefore do not get as hot as light bulbs. They also last longer than light bulbs in general, and therefore do not need to be replaced as often. With us, you find high-quality LED lights from well-known brands like By Rydéns and Globen Lighting.

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