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Other Christmas decoration

Unusual Christmas decorations with stylish designs can enhance the festive feeling in your home. Here you will find a wide selection of Scandinavian Christmas decorations which did not fit into one of our categories – but will hopefully find a place in your home soon!

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Skiers poster 50x70 cm - grey - Fine Little Day
Fine Little Day
Skiers poster 50x70 cm, grey
On backorder
Port firewood basket - black - Ferm Living
Ferm Living
Port firewood basket, black
In stock
ester & erik candle 4-pack wine red - laquered - Ester & Erik
Ester & Erik
ester & erik candle 4-pack wine red, laquered
In stock
Stumpastaken vase 4-pack - Clear - Born In Sweden
Born In Sweden
Stumpastaken vase 4-pack, Clear
In stock
Flow napkin ring 4-pack - black brass - Ferm Living
Ferm Living
Flow napkin ring 4-pack, black brass
In stock
Ernst teapot stoneware - dark grey - ERNST
Ernst teapot stoneware, dark grey
In stock
ester & erik light 4-pack dark red - laquered - Ester & Erik
Ester & Erik
ester & erik light 4-pack dark red, laquered
In stock
Aalto vase cranberry - 160 mm - Iittala
Aalto vase cranberry, 160 mm
In stock
Port firewood basket - brass - Ferm Living
Ferm Living
Port firewood basket, brass
In stock

More Scandinavian decorations for your home

Stylish Christmas decorations can create a festive atmosphere in your home over the dark winter months. Here you will be able to find a large selection of Christmas decorations, which do not fit into the usual Christmas categories but should still not be missed!

Christmas decorations in stylish designs

Besides the most common Christmas decorations, such as ornaments, baubles and Christmas figures, there are also many other Christmas items that can beautifully enhance the Christmas mood in your home. For example, candles and vases in Christmas colours like red, gold and green, can be the perfect decorative accessories for a traditional Christmas feeling in your home.

Nordic Christmas decorations by popular brands

Our assortment includes Nordic Christmas house decorations from many popular Scandinavian brands such as Ferm Living, Fine Little Day and Iittala, among others. Choose your favourite designs to add a Scandinavian touch to your home over Christmas.

Modern or traditional Christmas decorations

For many people, festive Christmas decorations can conjure up childhood memories, which is probably one of the reasons why Christmas is such a popular holiday all around the world.

Here at Nordic Nest, you will find everything you need to create a cosy Christmas atmosphere in your home, regardless of whether you prefer traditional Christmas decorations or are looking for something more modern.

Christmas decorations with a function

Our assortment of Christmas decorations includes items that are not only decorative but can also serve a purpose in your home.

For example, a stylish firewood basket will not only make your home look extra cosy but also keep you stocked up with wood for your fireplace throughout the winter.

Christmas decoration to use throughout the year

Not all Christmas items have to be decorated with Christmas motifs and many can also be used even once Christmas has passed. For example, beautiful glass vases in red and green will not only look festive in your home at Christmas but can also be a way to add a bold accent colour in your home that can complement your interiors for the rest of the year.

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