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Here you can find true Scandinavian design classics including the Kay Bojesen monkey by Kay Bojesen and many more.
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Wooden figures in fine design

Among all interior items and furniture, it's perhaps ornaments and decorations that best describe our style. Surrounding ourselves with decorations we like is a great way to create a home to love.

Among our most popular decorative items, you will find our wooden figures and animals. They fit just as well in a child's room as anywhere else in the home.

What is Kay Bojesen Denmark?

The Danish brand Kay Bojesen Denmark is world-renowned for its fine and original wooden figures depicting both humans and animals. The most famous wooden figure is the monkey, which comes in different sizes, wood types, and colors. Additionally, there are several hats you can buy to ensure the monkey is appropriately dressed for various situations and holidays, such as Christmas Eve and graduation. The monkey was designed by the Danish designer Kay Bojesen in the mid-20th century, when Kay was asked if he could manufacture a clothes hanger for children. The idea was that the long arms would reach down to the height of the children, and the shorter legs would work well as hangers for hats and scarves. The monkey came to life in 1951, and more than 70 years later, it remains the most famous model of Kay Bojesen's wooden figures.

Which wooden figures are most popular?

It's no surprise that wooden figures are so popular. Wood is a beautiful natural material that makes each figure unique, and also means that the wooden figures can change color over the years. This helps to give the wooden figure more character. With us, you will find a wide selection of beautiful wooden figures from well-known brands like Warm Nordic and Woud.

Top three most popular brands for wooden figures

Kay Bojesen Denmark HAY Normann Copenhagen

Who is a wooden figure suitable for?

Wooden figures are timeless and beautiful decorative details that are excellent for gifting to loved ones. Despite the designs being playful in many cases, the wooden figures are just as suitable to give as a present to adults as to children. The cute wooden animals, for example, would work just as well as a wedding gift as a baptism gift.

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